Monday, 30 May 2011

Ginger muslin

Hola people

I hope you have all had a great bank holiday weekend. Mr P's sister is back from Australia and so we went to meet her and the rest of Mr P's family for a delicious roast. Mr P's sister is a very clever seamstress and I am looking forward to spending some time sewing with her. You can read her blog here.

Yesterday I spent all day working on my muslin for the Ginger skirt. The first one I made included the waistband, but you know what, I think I prefer the skirt without the waistband, so made it without, and I liked it ! I was so stoked to finally make a muslin that actually looks like it could end up as a wearable garment. YIPPEEEE  !!

First off I traced the pattern

Then I graded the waist - using the tips that Sunni provided on her blog

 I then added to the length, but I dont think I did this bit correctly as I added all the length across the skirt as shown by the cutting line. I think I should have added 2 inches there and 2 inches at the bottom. But I didnt. Hey Ho.

 (more length added - I dont have the figure for shorter lengths !!)
I then cut the muslin fabric

And sewed it up. And Voila !

This is the first muslin that I can actually show you a picture of, as it does not look too bad ! (sorry about the crap photos, my mirror needs a clean, and I dont have the best of bodies for modelling !)

I cant believe I have actually made a test garment that I am happy to share - Finally !!  I am so stoked it actually looks like a skirt, it made me almost insanely happy. I cant imagine how I will feel once I have actually made a wearable garment.   :-))

I like the length, and I like where the skirt sits on my hips without the waistband. So I think I may make the skirt without the band  - what do you think ? Should I make without the band ? Is it allowed ? As I am new to this sewing garments malarky I don't feel very confident.

I like the idea of using bias tape to stabilize the waist - I read in the 'complete book of sewing shortcuts' (which I wrote about here) that this is a viable option. This means I don't have to face the skirt (I think !) I'm going to line the skirt with an old cotton sheet, and I am going to treat the fabric and lining as one piece of fabric.

I am going to give it a go and see what happens, as sewing is all about learning and trial and error (well for me anyway !).

I washed my fashion fabric and am almost ready to cut into it. Do any of you have any thoughts about fit ? Or whether I should forge ahead with the waistband ? I would love to hear from you.

Well, that's it for now, but I will share how I get on. I wont be sewing for a few days as I have to knuckle down to college work for the next few evenings, but I am so excited, I cant wait to make the actual skirt !

K xxx

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