Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello folks  :-)

I fully intended to do all the things per my previous post but the night of writing it brought a severe tooth ache, which then turned into a hideous abscess, the pain of which I have never known and everything went out of the window !

It was too painful to finish my course (I did submit just in time, but not to the standard I would have hoped for). I could not work (I had the WHOLE of last week off, I have never had that much time off ill in my whole life), and to top it all I am still not right :-(

Oh well, the pain is decreasing slowly, and at least myself and my dentist are now on first name terms, we are almost besties ! 

So, I have been thinking sewing, but not doing !

I have made a plan tho :-)  and it goes a little something like this (I cant remember all of the aspects, i will add to this once home!)

1. Anise coat, navy wool. Pattern purchased but not yet arrived.
2. Juniper trousers, denim fabric. Wanted to do Thurlow sew along but I feel that the juniper may be a better pattern to start with, looks a little simpler than the Thurlow and as such hopefully easier to fit.
3 Gerties bow tie blouse. Oatmeal double knit.
4. Simplicity skirt, you know the one, Zoe makes it and has made it famous. Navy cotton, and intend to line it (never properly lined before)
5. Kimono t's in lilac and white. The ones that Scruffy Badger has made her own. There is a free download, I will share later.

All of these will work together to create a mini wardrobe, and each piece will bring me new skills to learn, for example
  • Bound button holes
  • Lining, proper lining not underling lol
  • Trouser fitting and making
  • Sewing with a double needle
  • Sewing with knits
And these are but a few. I feel very excited to be sewing with a plan, and as I am working in Tiverton today I will be frequenting heathcotes later for supplies ! I even have a list and everything, I am on it like a car bonnet lol :-)

So, I had better go, I just wanted to apologise for getting all lary on here, saying I'm back and that, and then disappearing again !

Friends, toothache sucks big style, but not sewing my winter wardrobe sucks more !

See you all soooooooooon

K xxx