Sunday, 15 May 2011

Busy week.

Hola friends,

Sorry for the quiet spell, alot of things happened this week, including a technical hitch in blogland !

Mr P's mum, Mrs P, came for a visit this last week, and it was lovely to have her here. I felt a bit mean as she has a broken wrist, but she really wanted to cook for us. I felt like I was working her too hard and feel a little guilty. However, as Mrs P has been travelling and sofa surfing, I feel that cooking is something she has missed (not having her own kitchen) and she has embraced cooking for Mr P and I with great gusto ! It has almost been like a holiday for me as I usually do all the cooking.

I also bought my Ginger skirt pattern (for the sew along - more below !) from Colette patterens:

I love the patterns from Colette - and this is a newbie to the range. I am pretty much champing at the bit to get started.

Here is a view of the skirt - not yet sure what view I will make yet. But looking at pictures of it I know I want to make it longer than the pattern.

photo source
I have bought this as the lovely and fabulously talented Sunni over at 'A Fashionable Stitch' is hosting a sew along to make up this skirt ! Can you believe how generous fellow sewing bloggers are ? Why don't you check it out here ?  A fashionable stitch Ginger sew along  Sunni has even managed to get us a 20% discount on the pattern ! Thanks Sunni.

I am extremely hopeful that this will be much easier to make than the crepe dress that I have had so many problems with (yes I still have back fitting issues - I am thinking I need to do some more 'smooshing'). And I love the clothes that Sunni has made. It seems that the sew along with going to have guest appearances by fellow dressmakers including the gorgeous Gertie from, and the delightful Tasia from A line skirts are supposed to be the best way to start to sew your own clothes. Excited ?! Moi ?!?

As I was over at Colette patterns anyway, I decided to stock up, and bought this dress that I have wanted for soooooo long !! Its called the 'Macaron' and I am totally IN LOVE with it.

Photo source
I have seen so many of these made up, it is such a flattering style.

I also saw a blouse that Gertie made from a vintage Vogue pattern, with a peter pan collar and back buttons that I totally coveted - and lookie here - a similar version that I instantly added to my virtual shopping basket !

Photo source
This blouse is called Sencha - it does not have peter pan collars, but the shape is very much what I was looking for.

I made up the muslin for the blue flower top - but I added too much to the side seams, and in reflection I think I just need to make the bodice longer, rather than wider. I also know I have to lop at least an inch from the length of the shoulder straps and add some darts for shaping around the top of the bodice, otherwise there would be mucho chest-age on display when I wear it. As such I will do a further pattern tracing some time this week and will only adjust for the length and not the width. I think darts will not be too noticeable around the bust, but just in case, I have brought a plain borderie anglaise to make another version, if the blue flower fabric proves too noticeable.

Other news, my mini orchard has not yet arrived, so I called the company (and they were very helpful so I would recommend the company) and they advised they will be dispatching toward the end of this coming week. Good news indeed.

My white scented roses are beginning to properly flower now, which is a delight, and I have bought some lettuce which I have potted up. Its going at great guns so far. My cheapo asda herbs have perked up no end, its such a treat being able to browse the garden for tasty mouthfuls.

I bought some new fabric, a plain white as discussed above, and some more blue flower fabric as it was the end of the bolt, and I really like that fabric. I think it will make a pretty skirt - maybe even the Ginger ?

I washed the spotted fabric I bought for the crepe. And realised it is not that wide. I think I may use the fabric for a different project. I have my eye on this dress, and I think it will look great in the polka dot.

I want to make view B. I have seen some maxi versions of this dress and that's the look I want to go for. The pattern says very easy - but so far my experience with 'easy' patterns has been that THEY. ARE. DIFFICULT. I am hoping with experience will come ease !

Mr P's sister is coming over from Australia in the next couple of weeks and she is an avid sewer too. As such I am hoping we can get together for a sewing session and see if we can help each other with our respective sewing issues.

Well now, I fancy this is a long post and as such I am outta here !

Hope you all had a great weekend.

K xxx

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