Monday, 31 October 2011

Burda Style November 2011

Hello people

So..... lets talk Burda.

There are some wonderful patterns this month (not as many as last month - in terms of my own taste anyway), and here are some of my favourites.

                                            The source for all of these lovely images can be found here

WOWSERS !! LOVE this dress !
This one too - beautiful !
                                               Beautiful, non ?

As much as I love these, it will be sometime before my skill level would be high enough to make either one of them.   ***sigh***

These skirts are also pretty nice...

                                    The source for all of these lovely images can be found here

Rather similar to Burda's infamous 'Jenny' skirt

A lovely casual longer line skirt

But, there a couple which I am not so sure about... well in terms of my own tastes anyway     :-)

                             The source for all of these lovely images can be found here

um - not sure about the jumpsuit - maybe its the bad  fabric  ?

Gold khecks anyone ? Thought not.

These ones are growing on me - just not sure about the flap effect
Overall, I am pretty happy that there are a few lovely pieces in the November issue - its certainly worth the money; especially when you think how many patterns you get in an issue. I just think that October's issue had some more punch to it !

So, what do you think of this months issue ? Anyone made up anything from it yet or planning too ?

K xxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hello people

I hope you have all had a cracking weekend ? I have spent the main of it sewing !

Look what I am working on.....

Hopefully using these ...

Ship Ahoy !!
I made a muslin with no alterations first. Having never made a top before I didn't want to only rely on tissue fitting.

Muslin made with no alterations.

Loving the tailor tacks !

 I realised I needed an extra 2 inches in length and that I wanted a more open neck area, so I just went ahead and reflected that on the pattern tissue.

Tonight I have got so far as to make it up and sew on the facings.

Tomorrow I will under-stitch the facings and then attempt the buttons. Wish me luck, I think I may well be needing it, by the bucket-load ! Not really sure how well buttons and me are going to get along. If it goes well, I am going to attempt the Colette Beignet, with its many buttons next;  if it goes badly, the Colette Peony will be next. Ha !

(Sorry - I am not meaning to canvass any particular pattern company, I just love these patterns and find them not just pretty but also easy for my level (ie a total beginner); and they have excellent instruction guides, so there   :-p    )

I have dressed Dolly in the (almost) finished Sencha, and she looks pretty good in it  :-)  I am liking the choice of fabric for this one, unlike the fabric disaster choice on my recent V8308 (which you can read about here if you like). I am still on the fence about that one, and am still thinking it may be recycled into a more wearable skirt. I am sure its OK to have disasters as a home seamstress - because otherwise why would someone have invented a seam ripper ?!

The only thing is that I have made the keyhole neck a little too open now - and it looks a tiny bit odd. However,I don't mind enough to not want to wear it. I am going to make another version once this one is finished and next time I think I will try the version with neck tucks. I am going to be brave and just cut it without making a new muslin. All I will do is add 2 inches to the length and fit it as I sew.

I am finding it really useful to just baste all seams, pleats etc and then fit whatever I am making as I go along. I found that it really made a difference with my second Ginger. The shape of it looks so much better.

In other news, my November copy of Burda Style arrived on Friday, and friends, I am on the whole disappointed, but I fancy this is only because the patterns in the October issue were so awesome ! Has anyone made up any of the October patterns yet ? I would love to see some !

Well, I am off to get some Vimto, thirsty work this writing lark !

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

K xxx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Part Ginger, part me


So, today I had the day off work and I spent the day sewing. I made me a Ginger. 

Actually, its not a complete Ginger, as it is sans the waistband. To be fair I didn't want the hassle of the waistband after the failed attempt on my last Ginger and as such I decided to omit it. Because I can. Wow, you gotta love sewing up your own clothes where its fine to make an 'executive decision'. I used grosgrain ribbon to stabilise and shape the waist instead, and I must say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Gonna share some pictures of the construction. I am so pleased  with this skirt, its fits and is not too big, the length is perfect and I totally love the inside as much as the outside. 

Gotta love the finish of the serger !

Using grosgrain ribbon instead of a waistband

Super neat - inside and out

Pinning the ribbon in place

Pretty inside

Feeling pretty happy with this

I used the serger and played around with the tension until I got it perfect and I am so pleased with the end result. It was fun to use too !

Mr P took a couple of snaps of me in it - unfortunately we didnt get around to snapping the V8380. Another time maybe  :-)

I know - awful snap right ?
In other news, yesterday I met up with family over from the States and we went train-spotting. In the rain. But this is no ordinary train. Its a steamer from the West Somerset Railway. We took their children along as the trains are like those on 'Thomas the Tank Engine'...  They were very excited ! (so were the children !)

Choo Choo !!

Old school
Check out the happy face of the station master..... He was so happy - even in the rain !

So, back to work for me tomorrow. I am working in the Court and will wear my new Ginger. It almost makes me feel excited about going to work - the excitement of wearing a new skirt !

Now to think of what to make next   :-)  I think I may try the Sencha - I have a muslin cut out already - just need to sew it all together.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far,

K xxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finished V 8380

Dear friends,

Happy Sunday ! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

I have finished the V 8380 after working on it yesterday from like 10 am til 1 am.

I will share some pictures with you. Sorry there are none 'on me'. I don't have a good mirror that I can use to help with photos, nor a Tripod. I should get both !

Facings and casings !!

Finished article !
The inside

                                    Very pleased with the inside and especially the waistband.

You know what ? I learnt ALOT making this dress (under stitching, catch stitching, pressing with a tailors ham, seam finishing to name a few), and I really enjoyed the construction of it. And I am totally totally stoked with how it came out. I was particularly worried about the empire band, but it is lovely and neat.

I learnt with this dress, (and the Ginger that I made back in August) that I have body issues ! I have made everything so large that I am having to make lots of changes to make the clothing smaller to fit me. Note to self - use actual measurements to make the clothes ! I have another Ginger on the go at the minute in Polka Dot fabric, I will maybe finish that up tonight as I am on a roll. I am going to make sure that I dont make the fit too large on it !

And I learnt that I actually DONT LIKE V8380 in this cotton poplin fabric on me..... I look like I am wearing a burlap potato sack. I love the shape but I feel the fabric is too stiff and does not flow. I am still considering whether to make the dress in silk as I think the flow of the material would suit this dress and its gathers better. That is a decision I am going to think about because silk is expensive and if I don't like the final dress I will have wasted cash.

This dress is going to be recycled and will be reborn into Butterick B4461, as there is plenty of fabric and ribbon to use from the V8380; B4461 with its ribbon trim seems almost serendipitous.

Friends I am not sad, I LOVED making the 8380, and it taught me alot. But I don't like the fabric as a dress, I would have struggled to get any cardigans (a staple for me) to match, and I don't want to look like I am wearing a sack.

What do you think ? Have you had any garments you made where once you put them on, you thought 'NO' ? Have you had any fabric disasters ? I would love to hear about them - if you felt you wanted to share.

Well, thats all from me today,

Have a wicked day

K xxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

V8380 update

Hello people

Happy Friday !  We made it !  YAY !!

So - tonight I have been working on the bodice of V8380 and have sewn on the facings, and under-stitched (thanks Helen !). I have also pressed the facings HARD and with plenty of steam to make sure they stay on the inside.

I have also sewn the casings for the ribbon ties and stitched up the right side.

So far sew good.

A little bit of bad news, the armholes are just a little too big, but I plan to wear the dress with a cardigan anyway so it wont matter so much, I just need to make sure that I fix this on the pattern before I make my next version  using silk charmeuse.

It is the last sewing school tomorrow and I am hopeful that the dress will be finished by the end of the day and I can share with you the finished article. I still have to work on the empire band and the skirt to finish up, but hopefully they should be easy after the bodice, right ?       ;-)

In other news I have treated myself to booking Monday and Tuesday off work, to sew and relax after a pretty hectic month. I am also meeting up with my oldest friend who is visiting from America with her husband and her 2 year old daughter who I have never met ! I cant believe how quickly the time goes, really I cant !

I hope you all have happy weekends, full of love,


K xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

More V8380

Dear friends,

I have managed to sneak in a little bit of work on the V 8380 dress after a well hectic day at work.

I have cut and pinned the refashioned facings to the right side of the bodice to check for the fit and have taken some pictures to 'show and tell'.

                              (please excuse the AWFUL pics - had to use flash - you know how it is)

Newly drafted facings :-)

PHEW ! The facings seem to fit perfectly. 

I am quite hopeful that I will be able to get the bodice finished tomorrow. Especially after the help from Helen on my previous post. I really want to work on the sewing machine right now but its probably a little loud for 10.50 at night. Plus I gotta get up for a busy work day tomorrow, so probably should go to bed rather than sew !

In other news I got a package from Sunni (thank you !) which included this wrist pin cushion. I have been using it this evening and love it !

What time is it ?

I also received some new Colette patterns, which I will share some other time.

I hope you have all had a good day, and remember - only one more sleep until the weekend !! WOOP WOOP.

Night all

K xxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello people,

Almost made it to the weekend ! Yipppeee !  :-))

Tonight I have been working on making new facing patterns, as the original bodice has been altered so much the originals no longer fit.

Just checking if anyone has any tips for creating new facing patters, not sure I have done mine correctly ? Basically I used tracing patter to trace the armholes on the amended pattern, with a width of about 2 inches all the way through the width of the tracing. Does that sound right to you ?

Also the pattern talks about under-stitching the facings and illustrates this with a picture that means absolutely nothing to me (like AT ALL).

Any comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated  -  if you felt you wanted to share.   :-)

***UPDATE  Delightful Gertie (and her new blog for better sewing) has provided info for making facings on her blog - you can read about it right here.***

The reason I am not waiting until (the final) sewing school to ask the tutor re these questions is because I am supposed to have made a good old attempt at finishing the bodice before class. So far things don't look good on that score, and I only have until Saturday morning to get it shipshape.

Oh well, wish me luck ! I do have a seam ripper after-all, may as well get used to using it, ha !

K xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hello friends

So, I FINALLY finished my exams yesterday, which means I have until Feb 2012 to make stuff. Yippeee ! In excitement I have booked Monday and Tuesday from work and hope to be sewing up a storm over the weekend. I have the last sewing school on Saturday, so I hope to show you more progress from V8380. I purchased some silk charmeuse in blue and white to make another version, once the current one is completed.

I cant tell you how pleasing it feels to have some time when I dont have to study. Anyone thinking of doing an OU degree, they are great, but make sure you choose a subject you love, otherwise its a real struggle. I am finally nearing the end of mine and man, I CAN NOT WAIT for it to be done !

In other news, I have been a-purchasing, (well I have too on my one woman mission to save the global economy) and I have recently made these lovely purchases.

There will be more to follow as I bought some stuff from Sunni over at a, and also purchased some Colette patterns that were out of stock on her site. I am excited about them all arriving and all the free time I have available now to make stuff, yeay !

Err - lets take a moment please to make sure Mr P is not looking before we continue, as I think he thinks I have enough fabrics already.

So - here are some of the new patterns (I bought them on a vogue sale day so really not expensive).

I also got these silk/cotton blends....  they will make lovely tops, I am thinking of the Colette Jasmine for the brown and the Sencha for the mixed.

Not sure what to do with the next ones - (all cotton). But I just had to have them.

Hopefully I have bought enough meterage to choose either a skirt or a top (once I can decide !)

Friends, please tell me that I am not the only person in the world with a hideous fabric addiction. Mr P wouldn't mind, but its not as if I have actually made anything yet (except for a a mess of muslins and 1 token Ginger !)

Oops - maybe I need to check into fabric rehab

K xxx

****UPDATE**** looking back through this post it looks like someone, AKA me, is going to have a wardrobe rather full of orphans. Oh dear.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Almost done !

Hello people

I hope you have all had great weekends  :-)

My long awaited exams are tomorrow, so I have not been doing anything much these past few weeks except revision. I'm taking level 3 Oceanography with the Open University, and once I finish tomorrow I only have 2 more years left ! Yippeeee !!

But tomorrow, come 5.30 UK time, I WILL BE FREE (until February at least - woop woop !)

I have already got a few sewing projects in mind, and I will share these with you once I have some semblance of a LIFE again.

Friends, I cant tell you how excited I am at the thought of having 'free time', time to do what I want, rather than what I need to do.

So, now to relax (ummm or not), and get ready for tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me   :-)


K xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Threading the serger.

Hello people.

I was recently lucky enough to receive a serger/overlocker (dependant upon your country of origin) to assist me in my quest to make beautiful clothes that fit me well.

The serger was an absolute bargain ! I got it from a lovely woman on Ebay for half the price that it is in the shops. I was gutted to find that upon receipt the telescopic rod had broken, even though the seller had packed it wonderfully.

There is a sewing machine shop across the road, and I was thinking 'wonderful', they could fix my telescopic pole, until I actually went the place and found the guy very rude and more than a little odd, it was the most surreal shopping experience I have EVER had.

After half an hour with the 'oddest man in the world' TM, Mr P and I were still unsure as to whether he was agreeing to actually fix the machine. We were actually on the doorstep, leaving, when I asked 'so can you fix it'. To which he replied 'yes'. I then asked if he could show me how to thread it (as it had become un-threaded in transit), he again replied yes, but that he would charge me £65 for the pleasure !

Readers, £65 !!!  I was shocked ! And declined.

When Mr P and I got home, he got busy on-line, and ordered a telescopic pole for £10 including postage, and I got busy on you tube looking for cheaper ways to thread the serger. Thus negating the need for the assistance of the 'oddest man in the world', TM.

I am happy to report that I found this AMAZING man, and I threaded my machine using his tutorials, in ten mins (max !) and for FREE !! And although my serger is not the same as his, the principles still worked.

I thought I would share this wonderful man with you (not Mr P ! the serger guy !!). Sewists unite ! Never be ripped off by the 'oddest man in the world', TM, when you can do it yourself for free and for not alot of bother.

So, without further ado - here he is !

                                                                source for tutorials

Thank you Mr Serger ! And thank you You Tube.  :-)

Honestly, I was well scared of trying to thread this machine, but following this guy was so useful. I have totally lost my fear now. Yes, it was little fiddly sometimes, but it WAS NOT difficult.

I hope maybe these links are as helpful to you as they were to me.

K xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Burda Style October 2011 no 2

Well friends,

If you were not able to get your sticky paws on October 2011 Burda Style, never fret !

You can buy the pick of the patterns, including the ones I showcased here... HERE

Enjoy as there were some absolute BEAUTIES in the October issue, and I cant wait to see some of these made up.

K xxx

Fixing the blog Malware virus

Hello people

I just thought I would write a quick post as there seems to be blog flu going round right about now.

There is a malware jobby showing up on peoples blogs - and is meaning we cant view some blogs which contain a link to infected blogs. 

This may be because you have a link to the blog called 'making the seam'. I can tell you how to fix this as it happened to me too. I did the following and my blog seems fine now (and has done for days)

I removed 'making the seam' from my blogroll, and then I went into the design - then dashboard, clicked on 'making the seam' and clicked 'manage' then 'settings', and then I stopped following.  :-((

I see the lady who was running 'making the seam' has a new blog now, its address is     Yeay !!!

If a different blog address is causing problems on your blog, I imagine the process is the same. 

Hopefully this helps. This malware is meaning that there are quite a few blogs out there which I am unable to read at present, so hopefully this will help and I can finally catch up !!

Good luck people, its sometimes a harsh world out there !!

K xxx

oops !

My finger slipped, and so I just ended up buying new patterns from Vogue, Colette and A Fashionable stitch.

Join me on my one woman crusade to save the global economy - one pattern/notion/metre of fabric at a time !

(shhhhh - just don't tell Mr P !!)


K xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sewing school no.3

Hello !

Here are some pictures of my efforts so far. I am making this...

I dislike any pics of me, but had to take a couple to show you what it looks like on. Please do not view whilst eating !! I may put you off your roast, lol

Actually, I just had a roast and therefore now was probably not the best time to take a picture of myself.

But - here you are. I just sat and tacked extra on the side seams (I adjusted the pattern too large !), and the casing for the ribbon. I will be using the ribbon shown in the photos, I fancied a contrast rather than making the ties from the same fabric.

Here are the adjusted bodice pieces (the skirt, ahhhhhh thats another post !)

I have actually added too much on the sides, but the tutor showed me a neat trick for grading around the arm and neck. I was all for adding the same amount all the way around, but she said I should add an amount on each section to measure the same for smaller sizes.

I am having trouble explaining, so you can see what I mean here...

I measured the distance between each size line and added that amount to the pattern. See, I can explain better with a picture   :-))

This is the bodice pinned together - you can see my tailors tacks !  Very exciting ! Also the gathers I made.  I well love this fabric, it is a cotton poplin from Heathcotes in Tiverton. The ribbon is a deep chocolate brown, also from Heathcotes.

Then I tacked it together and added the ribbon....

And here it is on !!

Ta Da !!!!

(sorry about my bra poking out !)

I am excited about this - I am super pleased with how it looks already and I cant wait to finish my exams and get cracking with this dress. I cant wait to see it all  made up !!  I am already planning a second version, in silk charmeuse, I think that would look gorgeous !

Well, I had better get on with some more revision !

I hope you are all having a cracking Sunday.


K xxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sewing school no.2

Hello friends !

I hope you have all had a good week ? I was at sewing school again today, and was actually very excited to  learn some new skills.

I have learnt how to adjust the bodice and widen the empire band and lengthen the skirt. I have also learnt how to make tailors tacks. I thought they would be very time consuming, but found that for me anyway, they are quicker and easier to handle than chalk lines.

After last Saturday I was worried this project would be not so great due to sizing issues and lack of confidence. Also the fact that I was cutting and sticking all day did nothing to ease my worries.

But !!  Phew, it was not in vain. there a few people at my stage so I didnt feel so bad. I actually cut into fabric today, learnt how to do gathers, and tacked together the bodice part of the dress. And it actually looks pretty good. I am very happy !!!

I WILL take pictures to show tomorrow - I promise ! Its dark now, and the light is no good to show the colour of the fabric.Ill show the bodice at this stage so you can see how I am getting on. I still have loads to do, but feel confident as have made great shakes today. Now yet started on the skirt, facings etc. Guess ill need to make new facings as made so many changes to the bodice. Hopefully that is not a hard job as I would like to get started once my exams finish (week Monday !!!  ARGGGHHHH !! )  I think I just need to trace a couple of inches around the armhole, but I am sure it wont be as easy as that    ;-))

Well, best get cracking on this evenings tasks !!

K xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sewing school

Hello people

I went to sewing school today ! Very exciting.

I didnt feel quite so excited at 7 am this morning, but once I got there it was perfect.

I am making Vogue 8380 - white view, (I LOVE all the versions I have seen sewn up of this style)


.......... and I spent THE WHOLE DAY altering it. The whole day !!! Can you believe it ? One lady in the group has totally finished her garment ! I started cutting paper at around 11 am and did not stop til 3.30 pm. I will take some pictures to show you the alterations tomorrow. I am making it as a maxi dress, and I will be quite excited to see the end result.

I totally cant wait to see my classmates makes too - I will ask them if I can take some pictures next week, didn't want to scare them all by getting the old camera out on the first day.

I am not making a muslin !!!  This feels frightening but the tutor has lulled me into a false sense of security by tissue fitting. If I didn't have exams in 2 weeks that I need to study for, I would make one up tomorrow. It feels quite liberating though not making one.  I feel like a naughty kid ! I have made more muslins than anything else since I started to look into making my own clothes so its nice to miss that step for a change.

Going to see how this tissue fitting malarky works before I knock the muslins on the head though. I quite like the safety of the 'practice run'.

Sorry no pics for you today, but I will share my alterations with you tomorrow. I used pretty much a whole sheet of burda pattern paper making the adjustments. And I didnt have time to trace the pattern, so I had to cut the original, which I didn't like at all. I love that pattern so much I will buy it again, to trace if I want to make shorter versions.

Hope you are all having a cracking weekend.

K xxx