Monday, 16 May 2011

Hello friends,

Oh how I wish that I had a super massive fabric and notion emporium near to where I live. Alas I don't and so I do much of my fabric buying on-line. There is a small fabric shop in the nearby town of Barnstaple, buts its a 25 mile round trip, and to be fair there is nothing super special in there (although I can still spend hours in there looking at fabrics !).

So, I thought I would share another couple of on-line fabric suppliers with you.

This first is a site from the USA. Good, cheap fabric and shipping rates are not too hectic either.

You can get great dressmaking fabrics from this site. And they do samples, which is essential when you buy on-line. I have seen lots of blogs showing finished items made with fabric from this site.

This next site I love alot -

Although the fabric is super expensive as they sell it in 'fat quarters', and too expensive for me to use at this novice stage. But oh ! how I love to look at these fabrics, sew pretty !!! I cant imagine anyone who could not be captivated by the candy-ness of the site. Lots of very pretty fabrics !

If anyone does know of a real life, bona fide, excellent fabric store in the North Devon area - please share


Other news - Mr P and I went to look at a house for sale today. it has such a lovely garden, and the house is much bigger than the one we live in now. AND its not much more than Mr Ps house is worth - ie we could afford it ! Yippeeee !!.

I so loved it ! It needs alot of work, but I can see real potential, and in my mind I am already harvesting delicious fruits and veggies from the huge garden.

Hmmm - the only flaw in the plan is not only that we have not got a buyer for Mr P's house, but we haven't actually even put it on the market. Anyone spot the obvious mistake ?

I hope your Monday has been kind to you.

K xxx

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