Saturday, 7 May 2011

Up close and personal


I thought I would get a little up close and personal. Looking through my newly acquired blog, it seems a little......  well, lacking frankly - in personality.

I realise that although I introduced myself - you dont actually know what I look like etc. I must admit I HATE having my picture taken, but I thought I had best get it out of the way. Then I will be able to feel like I can share pictures with you of my creations ON (actually only really made muslins so far, but you get the drift).

Without further ado - this is me.

 I very much enjoy wearing 'props' ! (the more the better as in the case above)  Most pictures of me include a prop, a silly face, or both !

And this is where I live (a view from the back)

So now you can put a face and a place to the words !!  :-))

K xxx

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