Sunday, 1 May 2011

Crepe muslining


Started on the muslin again.... decided to measure my high bust and use the corresponding size given on the pattern. I am so over trying to fit the back on the last muslin. I cant see that anything I do do try and fit it will work. So, this is my interpretation of what the 'bible' (fit for real people) says to do. Cut for the back and do a full bust adjustment if required. Hopefully cutting the smaller size will mean the back will now fit and I can try a full bust adjustment if needed on the front bodice. I cut 2 sizes smaller then I cut on my last muslin. And when I say cut, I meant cut the tracing I made of the smaller size. I have taken some pictures to show.

Sorry about the rubbish pictures ! I'm tired ! lol !!

The red line shows where I will make the cut across the pattern to add length.

I already knew from previous experience that I need to add around 2 inches to the length, so I did that using the grid marked paper (a lesson learnt from last time!) It was much easier to make an accurate length addition using this paper.

I added the paper like so, I taped the paper together on the right side of the pattern

I then 'trued' the grain and dart lines - crossing through the lines I don't need.

I'm not so sure about the back - I trued the lines but doing so removed a fair bit of the pattern - so i will just try it and see !!

That's as far as I have got. I imagine I will have to change the darts on the front bodice but I will see about that when I make my first muslin (which may be tonight ! Yes I know its 8 minutes to midnight !! But I feel excited now !).

I am hoping that the fit of this one will be better than the last one I made. I may have to make a few adjustments but I am guessing back adjusts are harder than the front, for this dress at least. So I have to hope this is a closer fit on the back then my last efforts, as I cant be doing with making untold useless muslins (although its great for improving my skills - every cloud ).

Ever hopeful that I will someday finish up with a wearable dress, that fits great; I am back off to conquer this pattern !

Does anyone have anything to share in relation to muslins and fittings ? I would love to hear of others experiences ! I am taking my defeats hard on this one - I think the whole process will become much easier once I know what I am doing !

K xxx

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