Thursday, 22 November 2012

Battern down the hatches....

And sew up a storm !!! ;))

Well friends, the weather is pretty crazy here in the South West of the UK. I have had the week off and I have been using it to sew :)

So far I have made 3 items ! Very exciting. I just need to snap em and share em ;)

I'm working on something else today :) and hoping to sew more over the next couple of days. Friends I'm not sure ill even dress today, it may be a pjs, Columbo and fire on day. Hunkered down with my machines :()

By the way - Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends :)

Folks in the uk, stay safe and dry :)

Anyone else heyyyyyyyy :)

I hope that whatever you guys are up too, you are all happy and safe.

Cya back here soon for some photographic evidence of my toils.

K xxx