Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Little piece of history

Howdy folks !!


I needed to record this moment, in fact I felt that I had too !!

I am publishing this post at 12:12  12/12/12

How awesome is that ?!


As an aside I am listing my finished objects here so I boot myself up the bum to post photos of them.

WAAAAAAA I wish I didn't detest photos of me so madly !! Then there would be no fear about getting these FO's posted up for all to see  :-) maybe I should post a la scruffy badger and go comedy !!

I have recently completed the following:

Gerties pencil skirt in Navy (I lined this puppy and everything - now that my friends was a learning curve of the extreme !)
Banksia Top in yellow floral
Banksia top in blue stars
Frankenstein skirt in green and white polka dots

See !! I have been sewing and I have also sewed things other than frankenstein skirts lol !!

I have also been working on grading a simplicity skirt. I have made 2 muslins, one far too small and one far to big.

I have also ordered a fitting shell from Your Perfect Fit. I just need someone to help me  with the 33 measurements that I must take ! I am hoping that I can then use the shells to make trousers and dresses as these are problems for me. I hope it works !!

Well friends, I hope that you are enjoying this historic day !

K xxx