Sunday, 8 May 2011



Today I have had a lazy Sunday. Mr P went off to the motorcross track and I spent the day studying, washing, sleeping and reading ! I am currently reading 'Others' by James Herbert and its brilliant. Added bonus the book cost me 25 p from a charity shop. I love a good thrifty book !

There were no trips around gardens today, except for my own. I notice the recent strong winds have blown off all the flowers on my blueberry plant ! I don't think that this is a good thing. I read today that in order to get your blueberry to fruit you need to have more than one plant for cross pollination, otherwise NO fruit ! Oops. So back onto to look for some more plants.

 I am upset as after checking the ones out online, I feel disappointed with the plant I bought locally. My local plant was £10, slightly yellowed and had lots of dead bits. Oh dear. Ever up for a challenge I purchased it anyway and have loved it since.

I now find cheaper, healthier looking plants online - readers I am dismayed !

Other news, I have dug out some very exciting shoes for work tomorrow. In my former life I used to live in heels, now I cant go out unless I am in flats. So I have decided to try and make an effort to wear some of my beautiful shoes. The ones I have picked for tomorrow are a lovely cork and brown leather wedge - I bought them online. They are the most perfect fit, however the wedge heel tapers to the sole to almost nothing, which means I am walking on a shoe sole no wider than 2 inches - I hope I dont stumble !!

Mr P's mum is coming for a visit this week, which is exciting. Mr P's mum is very adventurous and spends much of the year travelling. I am looking forward to hearing a yarn or 2 from her trip.

I have not been doing anything sewing related today - other than reading peoples blogs. It is nice to have a day off !

I hope you have all had a brilliant weekend, if only they didnt fly by so fast eh ?!

K xxx


  1. I agree about the shoes. I have a closet full of beautiful heels...haven't worn them in about a year. Now trying to get back to wearing them more often.

  2. Katzrina, firstly, thank you for liking my blog. I totally feel that way about my shoes ! Lots of beautiful shoes and now too scared to wear them (due to falling) ;-) Lets throw aside the shackles of fear and wear them anyway ! Hurrah for heels !! k xxx