Tuesday, 28 October 2014

FO - Spring greens

Yes I know that its almost as far away from spring as you could possibly be here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I didn't get my camera out in time when this dress was fresh off the production line (maybe 6 weeks ago ?)
Oh well.

How about a nice slice of happy clothing with your winter instead ?   :-)

(Damn that hair and makeup department always on strike when you need em !)

When I was sewing this dress up (Emery bodice, pleated skirt FYI) I was thinking 'oh myyyyyy this is HIDEOUS). But actually, I think its my favorite dress - and I wear it often. Its the kind of dress that makes you feel happy when looking at it - and SUPER happy when wearing it.

I really have got the bodice to fit just as I like now, so I can see many more of these dresses in the future. I love dresses, so easy to throw on and look like you made an effort.

Winter never frightens me either as I just wear thicker cardigans, slips and woolly tights !

Please forgive these photos - the quality of them is as bad as the backdrop ! But this was the lightest part of my home at 11.30 this morning and beggers cant be choosers - right ?  :-)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

FO - Wild thing

I have come to the decision that you can never have too much leopard print.  Easy tiger ! Grrrrrrrr !

I love this dress soo much. It is in constant rotation.  I need to make another once post haste, I really do.
Have you noticed that leopard print goes with so much ! It really is like a very exciting neutral.

I have to admit that this dress has also been finished for a bit - but hey ho.  I have such a backlog of makes I need to try and get onto my little corner of the www.

You may have noticed that I am trying to post regularly (now that I have finished my degree) - but you might find the chatty-ness takes a while to come back -  just gotta ease myself back in gently :-)

Although I am taking a few (quite bad ! I'm sorry) photos, I am still waiting for the words to come. All in good time.

Friday, 24 October 2014

FO - inspiration dress

I finished my inspiration dress.

Obviously no where  near as lovely as the real dress, but I am super happy with it.

Its getting dark and cold so I wont really be able to wear it until the spring, but I am wearing it today because, well, you know, its a new dress.

Not sorry for the headless photos.
I'ts rare that I get the inclination to stand in front of the camera to photograph finished items, so I just went with it. As it happens both hair and makeup were on strike today - win some, lose some :-)

I am pretty happy with this dress. Its an Emery bodice with a pleated skirt - IMO far more flattering on a larger tum than gathers.

Lets hope the inclination to model arrives pretty soonish as I have so much to share - and I would like a record of my makes, if nothing else.

Well, I am off back to the sewing machines as they are all set up and ready to sew - and I have a day off  :-) I intend to spend it eating home made marmalade, sewing and watching Poirot. Bliss.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A new hobby

I have taken up crochet.

I only learnt in the last few weeks using you tube videos as my guide - and I can confirm that I love it ! So much faster than knitting, and I just love seeing the squares come to life in my hands. 

So far I have only purchased yarn from the bargain buckets, as I didn't want to spend much while learning.

I can't wait until I am confident enough to part with a little more moolah choosing colours that make my heart sing. 

Rest in peace Oscar de la Renta

Like many others, I was saddened to hear of the passing of my favourite fashion designer, Oscar de le Renta.

If I had the means I would dress in his designs every single day. The man knew how to dress a woman. 

His passing, and his spring / summer 2015 collection have spurred me to make a dress inspired by the legend himself. 

        Dress by Oscar de la Renta S/S 2015

Of course my dress will be no where near as beautiful as Mr de le Renta's, but I feel happy paying my own little homage to such a legend. 

Goodnight Oscar de la Renta, and thank you for the joy that you brought from sharing your beautiful garments and vision. Sleep well xx