Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hump day !

So friends,

I am sat here....

With one of these....

Now that's what I call happy  :-))

I was working in Tiverton today, and as such I just had to call into Heathcotes, I tell you that place is going to be the ruin of me !

I managed to sneak these home today  :-)

I love these sailboats.  You know, the nautical theme is all the rage these days.

I LOVE the buttons, they look so nice with this sailboat fabric. I am going to make a sencha using these I think. I think these buttons will look great on the back of the sencha.

I also bought this !

To make a Ginger. Which will be piped with this

I love love love looking around fabric stores, just wish I could come away empty handed for a change. But I am so looking forward to a hand-crafted wardrobe, which will be started in earnest come October.

In other news, I have Gardenias ! They are beginning to flower and I cant tell you how beautiful their scent is. I wish I could share with you, but for now you will have to make do with this

I hope you are all making the most of this glorious sunshine ! Only 2 more sleeps til I go to the homeland, tres excited !!

K xxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sunny !!

Hola beautiful people

Sorry for my lack of posting... I have been soooo busy, I have not had a spare 5 minutes. Mr P's sister came for a visit with her adorable family. Friends I never thought I would feel broody, but after spending time with MM, I feel slightly more receptive to the idea of children then I did this time last week.

We had a lovely time, and Mr P and I felt quite bereft when they left.

The weather has been on and off gert lush, and I have quite the tan. This is because as soon as I finish work, I race home and sit in the sun studying. It's made my study time so much nicer having an outside table and chairs. Studying in the summer has become almost bearable.

I have also booked on a local dressmaking class, which is for 3 Saturdays in total, starting in October (the week before my exams actually, not great timing but hey ho). I am sooo looking forward to the class, not only will it be great to learn sewing skills but also fab to meet like-minded people and I am hopeful that I will make new friends and hopefully rally together some folk for a regular 'stitch and bitch'. I am super excited ! It cost £60, and that's for 15 hours in total, which I think is quite cheap !

I also purchased the delightful Gertie's (from the blog for better sewing) online sewing course - you can see a preview here. Not sure that I am ready for the couture skills required to make this dress, but I am ever hopeful as always. I think it will be sometime before I can make a 'tiki' dress, but the sections the course shows on boning (ho ho) and other skills will be invaluable.

Wish I had some pretties to show you but I don't - boo !! I have been slack on the sewing side, but only as I have had another assignment to complete. One more book, one more assignment and one exam and I will be done for the year. Then I will be making (and finishing) gingers all over the ruddy shop !

I am off home to Bournemouth this weekend and I am so excited to see my Mum and my friends, I really miss them living so far away. I really feel for Mr P's sister - she lives in Tas, and does not get to see her people that often. I could see mine more often, and I am lucky for that.

I hope the month of July has been kind to you all. I cant believe we are nearly at the end of it already.

In other news, today I sampled my first home grown cherry tomato - and 2 blueberries. I was too excited for words ! Looking forward to a bumper crop (next year maybe).  ;-)

Well, best get on and do the tea, a sometimes seamstress work is never done it seems.

And, last but by no means least - a massive welcome to new friends joining me on my adventure to find more time !

K xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

More on-line fabrics

So, the weekend is nearly ended. Boo !

The weather has been glorious here in Devon. Not had time to make as been busy studying for most of the weekend. I must admit, sometimes I have to literally force myself to open the books ! Especially when the sun is shining and I can think of a million things that I would rather be doing instead.  I finish for the year in October - and then I will be make, make, making. Friends, I cant wait as I have so much I want to complete, but I just dont seem to have the time right now.

I really need to finish up my Ginger. I am hoping to be able to work on it for a couple of hours this coming weekend.

But, I have found some more on-line fabric places (even looking at fabric makes me feel creative) - so I will share them with you    :-)

No other news to report today.

I hope you all got to enjoy the sun this weekend, lets hope the weather holds for a bit.

K xxx