Sunday, 1 May 2011

Victoria sponge and other delights


I made a well nice Victoria sponge.... Not made any cakes really before, so was super surprised with how well it came out. Lessons for next time I want it more risen and so will use a teaspoon of baking powder, and the raw mix was not of 'dropping' consistency and so I would add a couple of splashes of milk. I am hoping that with some tweaks the recipe will get better and better.

Here are some pics - sorry I cant let you have a slice ! Mr P was not sure at first, as he just wanted sponge cake with no frills, but I think when he saw it he came round to my way of thinking !

I used a basic sponge recipe, (you can use the same
folding in the flour, rather than mixing everything up all together. I filled it with raspberry jam, whipped cream, blackberries, strawberries and raspberry coulis.  It really is a very nice cake !

The finished article.

and here are some more shots to tempt.....

Also here are some pictures of my new potted garden. I wish the sun was out this weekend so I could sit in my moon chair and enjoy the view.

It took Mr P and I ages to clear this garden. When I moved here it was overgrown to the max ! You could not sit out there. Now I really like to sit outside every time I get the chance.

Here are some of my new pots planted up:

Lavenders ! I LOVE lavenders.

My new blueberry plant ! I will be most excited if I actually get any berries from it.

My Japanese azalea, I wanted instant colour and this did the trick.

And my bucket herb garden, planted with specimens from Asda fresh herb section. They looked a little sad when I planted them, but now they have perked up no end.

So, that's what I have been up too - what have you lovely people been up to ? Enjoying the long weekend I hope.

Well, I am going to have a lay down after that lush cake I just ate.

K xxx

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