Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trying again

Well, hello friends and happy Friday !!  Yipppppppeeeeee !!

I think Friday evening and night is my favourite part of the weekend. Knowing there are 2 days ahead where I decide my timetable. And I can ponder my free time with a massive glass of rose ! So nice to know that even though I will be awake early, I can get out of bed when I like. I don't stay in bed mind, but just knowing I can if I like is a great feeling ! Especially if Mr P gets up to make the bacon sarnies.

I have been working on my muslin for the blue flower top. I was eager to get started.

I cut out the fabric last night, and then today have worked on marking the fabric and hand basting it all together. I decided for a complete change and so after using red chalk for my crepe muslin, I changed to blue ! All to help ensure my sewing mojo remains firmly in place. A complete change from the crepe and now I am not looking at it thinking  its the crepe ! Its psychological dont you know.

I  already see that I need to make a dart to take in a tiny bit of fabric around the neckline,

and I need to add about an inch to the neck to preserve modesty ! Its quite low already, and thats without any sewing. I think I also need to add an inch to the back pattern piece width as it will be a little tight when stitched. I really think this pattern does not include a seam allowance.

I will also lower the bust dart by around 1/2 inch.

I have only worked on the top pieces so far, the gathered skirt section of the top I will work on tomorrow. It requires gathering, another thing I have never done before, so I need to read up on that before I start.

I have found some plain white borderie anglais which I think I may use for the sleeve straps, I think a plain fabric will look nicer. I will trim the plain fabric with the green ribbon.

Here is a picture of the almost completed top half of the muslin:



I hope that this project continues to be easier than the crepe. So far so good. There are no major alterations required as yet, but lets see what tomorrow (and the bottom half with all its gathering brings).

On a different note, Mr P and I have a day off together this weekend (a rare occurrence) and I am hoping we can go on a day trip on Sunday to some bluebell woods, or RHS Rosemoor. I love having a mooch around beautiful gardens and pretty places. Especially if I can get a slush puppy somewhere nearby. Happy days.

I swear I am getting old, my new favourite things are gardening, sewing and baking. Oh dear !

On that note, I think I will retire to Bedfordshire  :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy Friday night.

K xxx

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