Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Something made, and something to give (away) !

Hello people,

I hope you are having lovely weeks.

I have not progressed with my Sencha, I am going to continue with that at the weekend. But I am feeling very smug as I wore my Ginger today ! I love it sooo much. It is quite a feeling, wearing something I have made myself.

I do need to do something with the waistband, as its too big and flares out. But this is a minor hitch, hidden well by a wide belt   :-)    I cant wait to make some more, and have been looking at my fabric stash to see what to make my next Ginger with. Its very exciting !

I did finish a patchwork cushion though.It was actually made with the intention of gifting it to an old work colleague. I even made it with fabrics she would love (they are so not my own choice).  However, time is a great loser of things, and sadly I have not spoken to her for well over a year due to changes in jobs etc. As such I am going to keep it ! Wow is that selfish ?!

Here she is (the cushion, not the colleague !)

(please excuse her un-ironed state ! The creases don't seem so bad until you photograph them !!)

Uh oh ! even my fresh bedding looks slightly worse for wear ! Note to self, must put the washing away FOLDED, rather than just shove it in the cupboard in a ball !!

I do like this though  :-)    I made the patchwork in strips, and the sewed them together along the length. Turned out pretty good, but was quite time consuming.

To make amends for my selfish behaviour, and rebalance karma I AM going to give something away !

Ta da !

She's a piece of Cath Kidston, measuring 21 inches x 18.5 inches. (is that a fat quarter ?)

I know she is not massive, but she IS pretty  :-)   I love her alot, but feel that she could do better than just laying about in a bag. I want to see her used in a fabulous way ! (or at least used).

Here is another pose

Again - please excuse my crumpled bed.

I know its not the most ground quaking give away, but it does mean lots to me as I LOVE this little piece of fabric.        :-))

All you need to do to win my pretty is leave me a comment on this post by midnight (UK time) on Saturday 10th September.

The winner will be picked at random, but it would be nice if you felt you could share what you might use a small, pretty piece of fabric like this for. I would love to hear what you might do with it.

I am happy to post to anywhere (obviously within the realms of possibility - aliens need not apply !)

Please also leave your contact details if they are not on your blog.

In other news I am busy working on my last assignment for this uni module, and am looking forward to October when my exams are done and I am FREE TO SEW !!

I also had my bank account hacked a couple of days ago, and I tell you, the person who used my details certainly had fun ! I'm guessing MUCH more than I have had trying to get it sorted.  (oooops is it Karma for keeping the cushion ?)

To be fair, my bank has been pretty good about it, but it is a pain not having access to my bank, or a debit card ! People, look after your details !!

Right so, off to work on my assignment, see you on the other side,

K xxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Give away at Debi's place

Hello people

You have to head over to Debi's blog and check out her super generous give away. :-)

Can you believe the generosity of the sewing community ? I am totally bowled over.

K xxx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Happy Bank Holiday !

I hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday.

This is mine.....

How was yours ?

K xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday afternoon trip to Padstow (and ice creams at Widemouth)

Hello people,

I hope you are enjoying this bank holiday weekend, I know I am !    :-)

Mr P and I decided to take a trip to Padstow (Cornwall) this afternoon, its only 60 miles away, so we thought we could go there for the afternoon. We are so lucky to live where we do, so many beautiful places within easy reach. We are properly spoilt by it really, and have decided to take a few more afternoon trips when we are lucky enough to have a day off together.

I must forwarn you that this post is going to be picture heavy !

                                                                Save the date !

                                    Just heading into Padstow

Such a pretty place ! Look at these pretty buildings....

Mr P enjoying the views.......  Dreaming xxx

(In  my view - old guys rule by the way)

Well, who wouldn't dream with views like these....

Of course being a harbour there are boats a'plenty !

Ship ahoy !!

You can even take a ride if you like....

Colourful buckets

Chatting friends

And of course Mr Rick Steins Fish and Chips.....

Unfortunately no pictures of the fish or chips. They were inhaled pretty much straight away ! I can assure you though that they were DELICIOUS !

Not sure after all the fish and chips that this taxi will work for me...

But I liked the sentiment.

We decided to head back after all that excitement...

Check out the views on the drive home....

We stopped at



This was our vista as we enjoyed them.

And then we headed for home.

One more quick flash !

Wowsers we are lucky !!

In other news, I have traced the Colette 'Sencha' and cut out a muslin. I am yet to sew it up, but I will share some pictures of this with you in my next post. I have the feeling its going to be too small, so I am pretty positive that I will have to start again with this one.

I hope you are all having a cracking Sunday.

K xxx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Happy Friday !

Happy Friday people !

I hope its a good one, whatever you are up too.            :-)

K xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I won ! I won !

Woop woop !

Dear friends, I am especially excited today as I won the Belle Blossoms give away on the totally divine Casey's blog ! You can see more here.

I totally love Casey's blog, and I was astounded on my blog rounds this evening to see that I had won the very blog give away that I have coveted the most.

You can check out Belle Blossoms here to see what all the fuss is about.

Thank you Casey ! xx

Readers, I would like to give something away in return, I do believe in Karma after all. I shall look into this and post about it later.

I hope you have all had as lucky a day as me !

K xxx

Monday, 22 August 2011

Colette sewing book

Well readers - lookie here.

I found a new book for release by Colette patterns ! How excited ?

You can check it out here

Looks good non ? AND it comes with 5 patterns to make up.

I personally LOVE Colette patterns, and they are a dream to make because of the clear instructions. If the book is as good as the pattern instructions, Dolly and I will be happy ladies indeed !

K xxx

Sunny Monday

Hello people !

I am enjoying a Monday off work ! Very nice  :-)   The weather is super sunny and I have been sat out in the garden studying.

I will be wearing my Ginger again tomorrow and I hope to be able to take some better pictures of it to show you. I also want to show you how neat the inside is thanks to the serger !

I have decided to work on the Sencha for my next project, and I am going to use the red and white star fabric and the red buttons. I am also going to use red ribbon for the ties instead of the fabric. Just going to trace the pattern so that I can start work on the muslin. Very exciting !

Just to check, I should measure my high bust, right ? to work out what size to cut ?

K xxx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finished Ginger

Hello all,

As promised some pictures of my Ginger. Sorry they are not that great, I been wearing it all day at a wedding, and she is a little wrinkled now ! I wanted shots in the day, but it just didnt happen. Ill try get some better snaps of it tomorrow to show you. I basically got up at the crack of dawn this morning to hem her and serge the hem. I must say I LOVE MY NEW SERGER !!!

I love this skirt, but I am going to need to sort the waistband - its too big around the top and is irritating me.

But - more importantly no one said, wow your skirt looks a bit home made. In fact one lady was giving it the eye in a 'oooo I like you' kind of way !  Perfect !

So, all in all pretty pleased with my first attempt at grown up dress making ! I really do like this outfit.

Now I have finished one garment, I can think about what to make next !!  Exciting !!

Hope you have all had great weekends.

K xxx

It's done !

People. Its 2.17 am, UK time, and I have just finished the Ginger ! It needs hemming, so I have just put it on Dolly to hang overnight, then I will hem it in the morning.

Oh its been a battle, this is my first proper 'me made' garment. There are things I could improve upon, the zipper for example. I need to practice my zipper skills. Really.

I did start to hand sew the facing down, but got bored and top stitched by machine instead. I need to work on finishes. These skills will all come in time though, of that I am certain. I am certain because even Mr P was impressed with my first bona fide homemade garment. This means I now have the confidence to blast forward; and all because my first garment is actually wearable !

I don't know what's happened to the waistband, as it appears to be wider than the skirt waist (although the pieces were cut and pinned and at that point matched perfectly). I'm blaming the loosely woven furnishing fabric for that one. I have a wide belt which I always planned to wear with the skirt, but now I pretty much wont have the choice NOT to wear the belt. Never mind.

Friends, the skirt is not perfect, there are things I will do better next time. But you know what ? I am EXCITED ! I literally cant wait to wear it tomorrow at my brothers wedding. And, making this skirt has saved me the bother of having to go and buy an expensive outfit in the morning. I am OFFICIALLY THRIFTY.

So, I bet you cant wait to see it right ? Well you will have to wait until tomorrow, I will get Mr P to take a snap of it in an ensemble. Then you can see the good overall picture, rather than the individual small imperfections.

I so cant wait to share with you.

Until then,

K xxx

I bet

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Update !!!!

I am working on the Ginger ! I hope to have it finished tonight so that I can wear it to my brothers wedding tomorrow ! Very excited !

I gave Dolly a bra, and padded her out. measured her up and she is good to go !

Making piping now, and then will sew the waist band on, then gotta do the back seam, add a zip, press and hem.

That's right people - I could have a finished garment TONIGHT !!

Birthday presents


I thought I would share some of my birthday gifts with you. I am a very lucky lady.  Love you Mr P ! xx

People -------------- Here's Dolly !!

I know Dolly is going to be properly useful in my forthcoming sewing adventures. I love her already  :-)  The brilliant thing about her is that she is not at all body conscious ! What a wonderful way to be  ;-)

I was also VERY VERY lucky to receive this next gift.....

An overlocker ! Pheweeeeee !!!

I sourced her on Ebay - she was half the price of the exact same model currently selling in the shops. Her telescopic rod was broken in transit (the lady that sold her to me did a wonderful job of packing her - I think it was the delivery boys that mistreated her !), but Mr P bought a new rod for a tenner, and then promptly fixed it !
Ta da ! She is perfect.

The only trouble was after fixing her up, I had to thread her. Friends, to be honest I had heard horror story's about threading these things, and I was scared. But I can happily report that it was not difficult at all. Time consuming and fiddly yes, but difficult, no. I was super pleased as I secretly thought I may have received a gift that I may never be able to use. Now she does not scare me at all.

I was very proud of myself. We tested her out, even Mr P had a go. We are smitten !

I obviously bought myself some gifts (well why not), and here they are....

I have already got plans for all these fabrics. This time I took patterns along to the store, and it helped loads in choosing; usually I just amble about and buy random stuff.

I hope you are all having wonderful weekends, I know I am  :-)   Being a year older is not that bad after all.

K xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

Birthday !

Hello !

Its my birthday today ! Another year older !! WOW.

I was lucky enough to receive some lovely gifts and I will share them with you tomorrow. Mr P took me to Wagamamas, my favourite, and no mean feat as its a 1.5 hour drive there from where we live in relatively rural Devon.

Going to sew up the piping tomorrow for the Ginger and see if I cant get it finished !

I have not yet had any drinks to celebrate, but I am off to make myself a Pina Colada right now.

In other news, my blog reader no longer updates with new posts from people. Is this happening to anyone else ? Does anyone know how to fix it ? It is irritating the hell outta me as I love looking to see who has updated their blog, and having a good ole gander !

I hope you are all having a very happy Friday,

K xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Piping and new stuff !

Hello friends,

I am working on the ginger still, but I had to wait for the following to arrive in order to make the job of making piping a little easier.

I am exceptionally pleased with these purchases !

I could not resist cutting the corner off some fabric, my word the blade is sharp ! I was totally blown away !

This is the fabric that I am making piping out of for my ginger...

Friends, I am EXCITED !

Here are a triple of absolutely brilliant you tube vids on making piping, this lady's example is for a chair cushion, but the process is the same for any piping.

This woman is a legend, and see how she joins all of her bias pieces together ! She shows time no mercy ! Absolutely spot on skills for a sometime seamstress.

People, I have been very lucky, its my birthday on Friday and Mr P has purchased me a Babylock 750 overlocker/serger, and a dressmaking dummy. Excited ? Moi ??

I have bought batting to pad the dummy out, and I am excited about turning Dolly into Kirsty ! (in body shape at least - no more awkward back fitting for me - collette crepe you will be mine !)

Unfortunately the overlockers telescopic rod was broken in transit, but as she was half price I am keeping her and will just replace the rod. I am excited about using her - and I will share more with you once she is up and running. Of course, as it is not officially my birthday yet, I am not allowed to play with these new toys until Friday so no photos yet.

As it is my birthday I treated myself at Heathcotes (of course) and I will share the new purchases with you soon. I also bought rotary cutting blades, babylock serger feet, a bottle of pink champagne, a square curve and a double tracing wheel ! Its turning into a tailors shop in here, a tailors shop without (so far) any garment output.   ;-)

In other news I have been harvesting blueberries from the garden this last week, its all very exciting !

I hope you are all happy and well,

K xxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Almost there

Hey people,

So, as promised I have some pictures of my almost finished skirt  :-)  I love the fabric, its a furnishing fabric, probably not the best to start with, but I so loved it, I had to have it.

Was going to sew this evening, but have some other sewing related task to do tonight, more on that later.

So, without further ado - my almost finished Ginger ! Sorry for the not so great snaps ! I ran out of flat surfaces to pose my fabric on ! (this may be a bit picture heavy -  but I did warn you !   ;-)

The altered pattern....

1 panel cut out ...

and lined......

Waistbands cut and interfused........

All the pieces together......

(Nearly) all sewn up....

Almost there     :-)

Hope to have some actual wearing at some point within the next week.

Happy Monday people,

K xxx