Saturday, 7 May 2011

Book club

Hey lovely people,

Here is another book that I have found very useful in my quest for sewing knowledge, which I want to share with you.

It is called 'The complete book of sewing shortcuts' and is by the legend, Claire B Shaeffer.

This book is brilliant ! I have 2 copies, both second hand. I bought the first one, didn't notice anything wrong, until I looked for the chapter on zippers. It was not in the book ! There was a whole section of pages missing. As such I had to buy a second copy - and you know what, I didn't mind. That's how much I love this book and I read them both from cover to cover when I received them.

You can buy a copy here: Link to

This book differs from the bible ' Fit for real people ' as it is not a fitting book. It is a book to help with techniques and short cuts to save time when sewing. There are excellent sections on sewing in zippers, for example. And how to deal with seams, interfacing's and sleeves, amongst others.

Helpfully there is also a section on 'gathering' which I why I picked up the book today. I forgot what a great book it is. I would definitely recommend.


K xxx

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