Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Little piece of history

Howdy folks !!


I needed to record this moment, in fact I felt that I had too !!

I am publishing this post at 12:12  12/12/12

How awesome is that ?!


As an aside I am listing my finished objects here so I boot myself up the bum to post photos of them.

WAAAAAAA I wish I didn't detest photos of me so madly !! Then there would be no fear about getting these FO's posted up for all to see  :-) maybe I should post a la scruffy badger and go comedy !!

I have recently completed the following:

Gerties pencil skirt in Navy (I lined this puppy and everything - now that my friends was a learning curve of the extreme !)
Banksia Top in yellow floral
Banksia top in blue stars
Frankenstein skirt in green and white polka dots

See !! I have been sewing and I have also sewed things other than frankenstein skirts lol !!

I have also been working on grading a simplicity skirt. I have made 2 muslins, one far too small and one far to big.

I have also ordered a fitting shell from Your Perfect Fit. I just need someone to help me  with the 33 measurements that I must take ! I am hoping that I can then use the shells to make trousers and dresses as these are problems for me. I hope it works !!

Well friends, I hope that you are enjoying this historic day !

K xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Battern down the hatches....

And sew up a storm !!! ;))

Well friends, the weather is pretty crazy here in the South West of the UK. I have had the week off and I have been using it to sew :)

So far I have made 3 items ! Very exciting. I just need to snap em and share em ;)

I'm working on something else today :) and hoping to sew more over the next couple of days. Friends I'm not sure ill even dress today, it may be a pjs, Columbo and fire on day. Hunkered down with my machines :()

By the way - Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends :)

Folks in the uk, stay safe and dry :)

Anyone else heyyyyyyyy :)

I hope that whatever you guys are up too, you are all happy and safe.

Cya back here soon for some photographic evidence of my toils.

K xxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello folks  :-)

I fully intended to do all the things per my previous post but the night of writing it brought a severe tooth ache, which then turned into a hideous abscess, the pain of which I have never known and everything went out of the window !

It was too painful to finish my course (I did submit just in time, but not to the standard I would have hoped for). I could not work (I had the WHOLE of last week off, I have never had that much time off ill in my whole life), and to top it all I am still not right :-(

Oh well, the pain is decreasing slowly, and at least myself and my dentist are now on first name terms, we are almost besties ! 

So, I have been thinking sewing, but not doing !

I have made a plan tho :-)  and it goes a little something like this (I cant remember all of the aspects, i will add to this once home!)

1. Anise coat, navy wool. Pattern purchased but not yet arrived.
2. Juniper trousers, denim fabric. Wanted to do Thurlow sew along but I feel that the juniper may be a better pattern to start with, looks a little simpler than the Thurlow and as such hopefully easier to fit.
3 Gerties bow tie blouse. Oatmeal double knit.
4. Simplicity skirt, you know the one, Zoe makes it and has made it famous. Navy cotton, and intend to line it (never properly lined before)
5. Kimono t's in lilac and white. The ones that Scruffy Badger has made her own. There is a free download, I will share later.

All of these will work together to create a mini wardrobe, and each piece will bring me new skills to learn, for example
  • Bound button holes
  • Lining, proper lining not underling lol
  • Trouser fitting and making
  • Sewing with a double needle
  • Sewing with knits
And these are but a few. I feel very excited to be sewing with a plan, and as I am working in Tiverton today I will be frequenting heathcotes later for supplies ! I even have a list and everything, I am on it like a car bonnet lol :-)

So, I had better go, I just wanted to apologise for getting all lary on here, saying I'm back and that, and then disappearing again !

Friends, toothache sucks big style, but not sewing my winter wardrobe sucks more !

See you all soooooooooon

K xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

The end is nigh

Dont worry folks, I am not tolling the bell for impending doom !!   :-)

This super busy lady finishes her course on Monday !!  Ya   (fekkin) hoooo !! I just have a few hectic days to go and then I am freeeeeee ! (Til January at least).

I feel bad that I have neglected my blog, I have missed it, and you, but I hope that you understand why :-) It would be so so cool if I could get a 2.1 on my science degree !

I will have some posts for you next week, including my last make (which I have worn to faded lol, but it still counts right ?), a post on the newest addition to our family (nope ! not a baby lol, an embroidery machine - love love love) and plans for a hectic few months of sewing.

I also HAVE to discuss this months Burda style. Hideous ! Dated ! Un-wearable !

I know I have not been commenting on your blogs so much, but I have been lurking ! And I am looking forward to resuming my 'business as usual' relationship with you all.

I am also thinking of joining Lladybirds trouser sew along, and have even purchased the pattern. Join the fun here. Damn that lady looks fine in her denims, if only I had that back view lol !

I am also hoping to make a coat ! Tres exciting ! The Anise from Collette patterns. man I inhaled that PDF companion in one sitting and I feel excited to start. And can you believe that they are also hosting a sew along ? Check it out !

Yes there will probably be a few more frankenstein skirts along the way, but its time this sometime seamstress busted out of the comfort zone ;-)

I'll probably end up looking like Worzel Gummage (google him lol) in my new strides and coat, but you know what I am ITCHING thats right ITCHING to sit back at my machines !!!

Well, my friends, until next week !

(I'm excited ! Can you tell I AM EXCITED !!)

MWAH !!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Embroidery machines (and other stuff)

Hello folks,

A quick post again from work as none of my clients have turned up thus far. This is the 3rd no show this morning, which is not great seeing as its takes me over an hour to get to this place from where I live.

I imagine its because looking out of the window there is what appears to be a patch of blue sky, and a glimpse of that golden orb, known commonly, I believe, as the sun.

I cant say I blame them !   :-)

I know it seems like a joke, but I jest you not, that pesky polar jet stream shifting has bathed us in p1ssing rain for the last 3 months. As an aside - being a student of the science of climate, the moving of the said jet stream is enough to give this student nightmares. Ho hum, thats a tale for another time.

So onto the title of the post - I have been looking into getting an embroidery machine as I totally love the additions you can make to clothes, both self crafted and shop bought. I do also fancy a spot of hand embroidery as I am one of those handfulls of people that actually enjoy hand sewing. I know to many its a dirty word, but there is nothing better than putting the old feet up in front of the goggle box and sewing away. What I really want is a machine to embroider darling designs on clothes while I am busy sewing on my usual sewing machine. Now thats what I call time saving, and as we all know I am all about the saving of time at this point in my hectic life.  ;-)

Does anyone have any experience of embroidery machines ? If so please share as the whole process is a minefield. I am going to treat myself to it for my birthday. I think there is nothing better than treating yourself on your own birthday, you can have whatever you fancy, and its the treat day to top any other treat day in a year !

I have been looking this morning at reviews etc, and so far Janome seem to be in the lead. I was looking at a Singer model, but then I read someones blog and the comments were extremely thorough but were not very complimentary. Thank god for blogs eh ?

In other news I did a spot of fabric shopping while working in Tivvy on Wednesday and purchased some jersey, a twin ballpoint needle and some regular ballpoint needles. I also downloaded the free kimono t shirt pattern a la scruffy badger and I hope to have a bash at it over the weekend, maybe tomorrow.

Its so weird cos I was absolutely desperate for a similar t shirt pattern, and was looking to purchase one if I could find one (which I couldn't), then up pops the badger in a free one you can download the pattern here no less, paired with my favourite skirt (simplicity 2451 which is also on my (ever expanding) list to make). She was wearing my ideal outfit ! I was super jealous ! You can see it here. Man I love that badger !

So, the sun is shining, and if I work hard on my studies tonight I hope to sew tomorrow, and if the sun continues to make an appearance (which I doubt) then I will set up in the garden for a days sewing. Thus hitting up 2 of my favourite things at the same time.

BTW thanks guys for your awesome comments, I cant tell you how delighted I feel about the support you guys give. So, massive thanks for that  :-)

OK, well I live in hope that at least one of my clients turns up today. there are only 2 more chances lol !

I hope that whatever you are doing today, you get a chance to do something that makes you happy.

Bye for now

K xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Someone call the time police.


I need more time ! Can anyone help ?

The reason things have been pretty sparse around here is that I am smack bang in the middle of my university year, and to say things are pretty hectic around Clovelly Towers is a bit of an understatement ! Mr P has even had to take on the role of main housekeeper this week as I have not got time to cook or anything, this is the tightest for time I can ever remember being and I feel like a tightly coiled spring being pulled form end to end. I swear if Mr P had not taken over the household running this week I would have snapped.

This is how tight I am for time - I am writing this at work ! Lol   (A client has not turned up and so I am taking advantage of the free slot :-)

I have so many plans, but absolutely no time, I still need to post the details of my latest make and I am desperate to sew up a new skirt and top. I even called into Heathcotes on the way back from work last Wednesday and purchased new fabrics, it made me feel happy and fuelled my creative dreams. As thats all I can do right now, dream, lol.

To top it all the weather here in the UK is still awful, and we have as yet had no summer at all. All I can do is look wistfully at your blogs for my injection of sewing, and gaze jealously at your blue sky backdrops to your wondeful makes. Jealous, Me ? MUCH !

So, I hope to post something this weekend, and I also really want to try the grading up for the Cambie dress, I have also bought black jersey for my first attempt at sewing with it (not that I will ever have the time).

Can I just say thanks for bearing with me folks, I appreciate the fact that you are still here with me, and I love to read your comments they keep me going. I fully intend to be making like some some kind of maniac when my course finishes in October, but until then my friends, I am likely to be thin on the ground, I literally have shed loads of study to do and an assignement to write every 3 weeks. My word its grim, lol !

On a lighter note, the sun sems to be a peeking today, Ive almost finshed assignment number three, and its almost the weekend ! YAY !!  :-)

I hope you are all marvelous :-)  Thanks again for keeping me going during my darkest times, lol.

K xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

I think the sun has gone on his jollies

Hello there from a very wet, cold and windy England !

I feel I need a month in the sun, this weather that we are having is so depressing, and it’s done nothing for either my mojo OR the produce growing in my garden   :-(

I didn't manage to get round to the 3 skirts, I just made one ! I needed to change the pattern a little, and wanted to check it was all ok before cutting fabrics. Just in case. You know how it is.

I used up the green polka dot fabric and am really happy with the result, but you can definitely see me coming when I am wearing it, it’s pretty darn LOUD.

So you are probably wondering where the photos are. I can’t tell you how bleak this last week has been weather wise and as such no photos have been snapped. But I will take some snaps tomorrow, I promise.

Next up I would like to try a Sorbetto (late to the party I know) and the Sewaholic Cambie Dress. How much do I love that dress by the way ! the only problem is that I don’t fit the pattern right out the envelope (such a drag !) and I am not really sure how to change it so it fits me. Oh well I guess I will have to try and have a go as I cant bear to be without that dress for much longer. I have even purchased 2 lengths of floral’s in order to create.

In other news studying has been hectic, but I am rewarded with my last 2 assignment scores both being 88% ! I know, right ?

I also was lucky enough to get an iPad from Mr P as an early birthday present, and I have become TOTALLY ADDICTED to the games 'Camelot' and 'Drawsome'. My word those 2 little apps can suck up time like no ones business.

So, I hope for some time to sew tonight, maybe the sorbetto. But not sure if I want to try sans pleat first, I guess I will see how I feel later. I have a lovely sheer Swiss dot fabric, white with yellow spots that I want to use.

And thanks again people for keeping me thoroughly infused with sewing goodness when I seem to barely have enough time to sleep, let alone sew !

Happy Friday people, I hope you all have magical weekends !

K xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

A trip back home

I do miss home sometimes (Bournemouth), as much as I love living with Mr P here in North Devon.

I had last week off work, I did have lots of studying to do, but I did sneak in a trip back home and it was nice to catch up with my mum, my aunts and my friends. Especially my best friends !

Me and my besties did a little kayaking, which was great. Even with the friend who was driving losing her car keys so we were stranded in wetsuits etc for most of the day with no access to clothes, water, money etc. The guy that ran the kayaking was great, lending us his phone and some cash so we could get some drinks.

Even with all that, I had a wonderful day in a back to basics bonding with your besties way.

This post is quite picture heavy - just so you know !! And thanks Mr P for lending me your splash proof camera !

The gang

Who NEVER grew up

Sports mad !

Look out, Miss G is about !

Just taking a rest
Work harder boy !!!

Say cheese !

What a beautiful place to live !
Obligatory action foot shot !
Thems my feets !

I dont think he read the sign !

The hire place
Who was amazing and lent us phones and money

Muddiford quay
Lovely non ?

Pretty darn beautiful

Well, that concludes the kayak trip. I swear after my arms started burning 10 minutes in, I did think 'I cant do this', but was still going strong after 3 hours. LOVED IT.


K xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The most delicious jam in the whole world !!

Yes you read the title right !

I am only ruddy proclaiming to have made the most delicious jam in the whole world.

Open your minds to this - it tastes a darn sight better than it sounds.

Rhubarb and Vanilla. You heard right.

I swear this is the most delicious jam in the world.

I am a new convert into jam making, I never made a pot before a month ago, and now I am pretty famous for it amongst my neighbours. I am sure that there are plenty of recipes that you can use to make this jam, but this is what I did to make 4 large pots. (I dont like making massive batches as I like a few pots of lots of different flavours).

I used :

750 g of rhubarb cut into 2 inch segments
water to cover
750 g normal white granulated sugar
 juice of one lemon
2 tablespoons pectin (I use Certo)
1 teaspoon of vanilla (I use the concentrated paste but you can use a pod if you have one)

Clean empty jars for filling.
Waxed discs for the tops

Method :

Put a saucer in the freezer (we will use this to test the set)

Put the jars on a baking tray, upside down and the lids as well. Into an oven 140 degrees. This sterilises the jars. Leave them in until you are ready to fill them.

Everything face down on a baking tray
Wash and chop the rhubarb and put in a deep pan (I dont have no fancy jam pans, just a normal saucepan). Put water in the pan to almost cover the rhubarb.

Water just to cover

Simmer on a low heat until the rhubarb is breaking up, anywhere from around 20 - 35 minutes.

Lower the heat and add the 2 tablespoons of pectin, juice of the lemon and the sugar.

Make sure that you keep stirring all the while, and keep stirring until every grain of sugar is dissolved (this stops the jam from crystallizing)

Then turn the heat up on that mutha until you have a rolling boil.

You need to stir occasionally to stop the mixture from burning. Be careful as hot jam mixture can mean hideous burns ! I kept my mixture on a rolling boil for about 35 minutes, but you want to start testing your jam from about 25 minutes.

In order to test the set, get the saucer from the freezer and drop some of the mixture onto it. Put it back in the freezer for around 5 minutes and then take it out. Push the jam with your finger to see if it has the correct consistency, if it does not, keep boiling the mixture and checking using the saucer method every 5 minutes or so.

Once the consistency is right, take the pan off the boil and remove any scum with a slotted spoon.

Then add just over 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste, or the seeds from one vanilla bean.

Stir in the vanilla well.

The brands of vanilla and pectin that I use.
Take out the jars from the oven, be careful as they will be hot. Obvs.

Ladle the jam into the pots and cover with a wax disc (I cut these myself from baking paper). Put the lid on the jars.

Clean the jars off (ladelling is messy, I am sure this works better with a funnel !)

Leave to cool and label the jars with the flavour and the date.

Pass out to neighbours (scoring karma points for future favours ! But I promise that is not why I do it !)

There you have it ! I swear its absolutely the most lush jam I have EVER HAD.

Enjoy !

K xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

I know I am a little late to the party, but I did want to prove my participation in the Jubilee celebrations....

The BBQ tasted better thank it looked, I swear !!

K xxx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Fabric choices for yet more Frankenstein skirts !

Ha ! Thats right !

Back again   :-)

I need quick projects to give me an injection of sewing love. I have had 00000000 time as I eluded to earlier but am rewarding myself with quality postings and sewing time as I have worked NON STOP on my latest assignment for the last 2 days and it is almost complete.

So I am stopping further work on it until Monday and am going to reward myself with sewing up a storm, as such I need an easy project that does not take lots of time to finish.

I thought it will be probably just as quick to cut and sew 3 skirts as it would 1, and that's my plan for the weekend.

I am going to use these fabrics:

Big crazy birds

Circles in blue and green

Green and while polka dots
As these are all shades of blue and green they should already go with my current selection of clothing with is ace. No orphans from a surprisingly lairy lot of fabric.

The first 2 fabrics I have had for around 2 years, and the third was a recent addition. That, my friends, is stashbustin ! 1 in for every 2 out ! Thems my kind of stats.

Wish me luck !

K xxx


'been a long time' to quote my favourite Led Zeppelin, but friends, I hope you will forgive the absence.

I have been SUPER busy with work and university work, and have had 2 assignments to write in the last 3 weeks ! It been pretty darn crazy here at Clovelly Towers. I also managed to fit in a trip to see some friends and relatives, and have had the last few days off work to try and catch up with coursework and assignments. Gah !

But the good news is I have 2 clear days before going back to work and I hope to sew 3 new skirts. ( I need quick hard gulps of sewing goodness before I drown again in work! As such all bets are off on the 6 muslin dress until further notice !) I will share the 3 fabric selections with you a little later, you can tell me what you think.

Now that I am writing, I realise I have missed my little bloggy do and as such will restart blogging post haste ! I just have the small matter of an assignment to finish today, boo.

You lot have helped me keep my creative pecker up during these drab days, and so for that I thank you !

K xxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Headaches all round

Hello wondrous folk !

So, I have been working on the bodice muslin for a new dress and have made 6, 6!!!!!  muslins ! The pattern didnt go to my size, so I had to work that out for starters, and that was before trying to account on the pattern for bumpy body bits !

Its given me a headache to be fair. So as much as I desire all your suggestions for improvements I cant bring myself to photograph the muslin selection as yet.

Lets just say I was more than a little proud of myself for getting rid of the busty lady's armhole gape ! Its amazing how easy it was. I think I will share my before and after pattern pieces with you as its incredible the amount of changes that I have had to make. Let me know if you wnat me to share how to get rid of the gape - it really is super easy !

In other news I FINALLY printed off the Sorbetto and will be making a version of that probably at the weekend, I need something simple to play with now as this dress making is HARD.

I have also loved lurking all of your MMM posts ! You lot are one big massive talented bunch !

I have not had much time to sew this last couple of weeks as I been busy with my science degree and work ! And really some of my current clients are doing their best to zap every ounce of positivity from my usually supremely positive body ! THEY are also giving me a massive headache !

Still, only a couple more sleeps til the weekend, you cant say fairer than that !

K xxx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pay it forward !

Hello beautiful people !

I have really enjoyed lurking the first day of MMM, you lot are a talented bunch ! Well jel.

So, I just saw this amazing idea over at Marie's place and basically the first 3 comments on this blog will receive a handmade gift from me (its a surprise !) which I will send to you at some stage over the next 365 days.     :-))

In order to play you need to:

Leave me a comment, (and your email address if you are not linked back) letting me know what colours you love (or hate !).  

You also have to play along by posting something similar to the above and agreeing to make something for the first 3 people who comment !

What a brilliant idea !!

I am IN !

Hopefully some of you lot want to play along too !

K xxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Burda Style May 2012


Well well well, seems I forgot to show you my April picks !

Oh well, May more than makes up for my previous sloppiness !! There are some beauties this month.

Without further ado lets see some of what May has to offer. As always these are just my own picks.

I need ALL of these !

The source for all these lovely images can be found here

Love both the skirt AND the top. Gert Lush


Pretty gypsy style bodice on this dress. LOVE.
There are quite a few beauties in the May issue, but I will leave you to make the discoveries for yourself  :-)

I pretty much love this whole 'plus' collection, and really hope to gather up the courage to try and sew the middle dress up, it really is an absolute beaut, and would be very flattering I reckon !

There is no other news today, I have been too busy trying to study. I say trying as I don't seem to be able to muster up any motivation at the minute as my head is chock full with thoughts of sewing !    :-/

I hope you all have much more enthusiasm for whatever you are doing right now !  :-)

K xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I got the blues

Hello !

So, I snapped some pics of my latest make, let me introduce the 'I got the blues' skirt ! (BTW I don't have the blues, but I could not think of another natty title containing the word 'blue'     :-)

Drumroll please, its Frankenstein skirt version 5 ! (I REALLY  need to start sewing something different, but I wear these skirts pretty much every day).

Oh Dear
Another  'smug'   look
I cant help it !
I LOVE this skirt

I have inadvertently 'stash busted' in the making of this skirt, using a dark indigo denim with a bit of 'give' in it. I bought the fabric when I first started to sew clothing and bought FAR TOO MUCH. Like 5 meters or something else equally ridiculous. I have made this skirt, and a dress with it, and sill have enough to make the same again.

Thank god I learned how much fabric I actually need for a project, otherwise this sewing marlarky would have bankrupted me !

This skirt is much more tapered at the side seams than previous versions to give more of a classic pencil shape (with NO room to walk), and as such I had to add a vent. I used Sunni's excellent tutorial to add a vent to my un-vented pattern piece and I must say that I am super pleased with the result, but I think next time I may make a longer vent. I am such a hussy.

This vent helps
when I am trying to climb up
into the cab of my campervan

I did not line this denim in any way as it didn't need it. I also didn't pretty up the hem. This was a fast and dirty make. I even machine sewed in the zip.

I used a fabulous method, I basically used sellotape to mark out totally straight lines the same width apart from the zipper. Using these as a guide I top-stitched the zip on.

I did catch stitch the hem, but this type of hand sewing never feels a chore to me.

In other news I have not progressed with my pyjamas as I hate the fabric so ! I may look at them again in the next couple of days, but I am considering starting over and using cotton. In fact I am just sat here thinking brushed cotton now, rather than silk !

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far.

I ask myself if I should be making another Frankenstein skirt - now where is that Babooshka fabric ?


K xxx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hello friends,

As promised I can FINALLY show you some pics of my recent addition to the Frankenstein skirt collection. I think this may be version 4 ?! WOWSERS !!

I forewarn you that this post is picture heavy as I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt !

I don't think I could feel any more smug !
This was the curtain fabric I purchased with skirts on my mind; when Mr P saw it he wanted it for blinds ! But I could not be swayed ! I had a vision in my mind and this is my favourite make so far.

Working it !!
It is amazing what a difference clothes can make to a picture
I guess its cos this skirt makes me feel good
It actually makes me better friends with the camera !
The fabric really reminds me of the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', it's such fun !

I have not added any vents or slits to these skirts so far, but that all changes in the next skirt I made, which I will share with you later. I used Sunni's tutorial to add a back vent and it worked like a dream. More on that another time.

I only had a remnant of this apple fabric, and as you can see there are large apples on the fabric. Friends I did not wish to look like Eve with an apply lady garden and neither did I want 2 big apples, one planted smack bang in the middle of each butt cheek !

This was an exercise in careful pattern placement with limited fabric, and an exercise which I feel was successful !  Yay !

No big red backside
I cant tell you how pleased I am with this skirt, and it fits a dream.
Each time I have Frankensteined the pattern a little more, and now I have it exactly as I like it !

Channelling my inner Clint Eastwood
I even like it sans cardigan ! And boy is that is saying something for me !!

but slightly more chilly !
As usual I underlined the skirt, and prettied up the inside...

Unfortunately I did not wash the trim before application
it slightly shrank in the wash
Lesson learned
And I used my favourite hand picked insertion of the zipper.

This looks more obvious in the photo than in real life.

So, as you can probably tell I am overjoyed with my new skirt !

I cant tell you how many people have asked where I got this skirt from ! Ha ! Take that mass production !

In other news Mr P's brother and his wife just had a babba and we are off to visit tomorrow ! Yay ! I cant wait to meet her.

Happy Saturday people,


K xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Amsterdam part 2

Mr P and I recently returned to Amsterdam for the 'Little Dragon' concert, I really love Amsterdam, it is such a pretty place.

Say Cheese !

Pretty non ?
I love all of the street art that you can find while out and about.
Street Art 1

Street Art 2

Street Art 3
But I also love nerds !

One for the sewers.
The shop keeper came out to see what I was snapping !

We all know my love for pretty bikes by now !

Mr P and me !
In other news I am hoping to start on a dress tonight - but it will just be tracing - and sizing up the pattern tonight. I know that loads of sewers hate the tracing part, but I actually quite like it !

Also, is it wrong to make a 2 tone dress ? I would like to use white cotton for the bodice and green polka dot for the skirt. hmmmmmm

I wish you all a very happy Friday !  yippppeeeee !!!

K xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Little metal men


I am working on my PJ's for the pyjama party but work has stopped.........

I Officially hate working with silk charmeuse !

I will try again when I feel a little more friendly toward it  :-)

I see these little fellers on my work to work on a Friday - they are just on the corner of a very unassuming  road, and gave me quite a start the first time I saw them but I totally love them !

I love their burnished look

Totally awesome
How cool is this vista ?
Maybe I should take my outfit snaps in with them !

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Renfrew Giveaway Winner (and Jackie's cakes)

Hello people

The random generator has spoken and Andrea B - you won ! Yay !

I have mailed you to get your address, please let me know if you didn't get it.

Sorry I could not let you all have a copy  :-((

To make up here are a few recent 'Jackies cakes' to take away the sting. ) I know there are loads, but you are worth it !  :-)

I was not in first on this day

Nor this

So pretty ! I feel loved !

HA ! First in on this day.
See how they all lay there

Green cakes !

Pretty butterflies
dont fly away

What a sweetie
Pretty and delicious
Love these ones !
They look like sky !

I still have not snapped any pictures for my 2 new skirts, but I will do so soon as ! (I just hate having my picture taken - URGH !)

I am going to start on a dress this weekend and feel very excited to deal with all my wonderful fitting issues. NOT  ;-)) However I will be pleased to make something other than a skirt (although I have a few more version lined up in my head !)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far,

K xxx