Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday serendipity

Hello all

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. It has been a serendipitous day for me because as you will know from last night, I was looking for help with gathering for my new project, and, as if by magic the delightful Tasia from Sewaholic has posted on gathering today ! Can you believe it ?

You can read her post here:

Brilliant ! Thanks Tasia !

I love the online sewing community. You can learn so much, and get so much inspiration. Thank you so much fellow bloggers ! Your generosity is much appreciated.

I have come to a conundrum as I have made the top part of my blue flower top bodice muslin, and I realise I need to make some changes. However, I have already cut all the fabric for the muslin, and as I will need to add an inch to the back seam I think I will need to add the same to the skirt part of the pattern.

So to sew the skirt now, or not to sew ? Shall I forge ahead and practice gathering, or should I start again, this time only making a muslin for the top part and then cut for the skirt part once the top bit is all sorted. But, if I dont use the fabric that I already cut its a waste non ? Hmmm decisions decisions.

I found lots of new (for me) blogs this morning, whose writers have all had problems with fitting the back of the crepe dress. I dont feel so useless now. And I feel almost sure that I am going to press on with that dress, maybe even in the next few days.

In other news - I am still waiting for the mini orchard to arrive - very sad that the trees have not yet been delivered, I had visions of boughs groaning with fruit. Although I fear having this dream will lead only to disappointment ! Lol !!

 Mr P and I have a continuous fight in the garden against slugs and snails destroying plants. They especially seems to like my delphiniums. I have heard from a couple of places now that you can deter these pesky plant eaters by placing copper tape around the pots. We managed to salvage some copper from another project, and I am looking forward to putting it to the test to see if it works. Tres excitement ! I will let you know if it works.

***UPDATE - the copper does not work. I repeat, the copper DOES NOT WORK***

K xxx

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