Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crepe Muslining

Welcome friends !

I made the collette crepe muslin AGAIN, this time cutting 2 sizes smaller and it is sooo much better ! I still need to take tucks out at the back, but after having pinched out wedge shaped areas on both back pieces, I have absolutely NO IDEA how to transfer the changes to my pattern.

I tried cutting the wedge out of the pattern and joining the cut edges of the tissue. This did not work. I then tried to treat it as a dart - again - this did not work !

Can anyone help ? Pretty Please ? Pretty pretty pretty please ? (with cherries ?!)   :-)

The front bodice fits so much better than before, but it either needs a full bust adjustment (as the side seams have swung forward by around 2 inches) or some extra added onto the side seam. Again - does anyone have any good ideas to share with this sewing numpty ? All ideas and tips very gratefully received.

I am going to try the latter first (as its the easiest) , and let me tell you after all this practice I can knock up a bodice muslin now in less than a couple of hours, and that's including hand basting the puppy !

I feel that all this practice is giving me lots of skills, my hand sewing is for sure much neater now than it was on muslin number 1. My muslin making skills have greatly improved. But I am sure looking forward to the time when I can cut confidently into my fashion fabric and make myself the actual dress. And my word, this is taking such a long time, And then I have new skills to learn upon the construction of the dress, ie facings, interfacings, underlinings etc etc etc. I wonder how many 'man hours' will have gone into the dress by the time I can actually 'wear' it ?!

I take my hat off to all the ladies that participated in the sew along, following the schedule. I dont think I could have done it. I think I have been working on bodice muslins now for at least 2 months. WOW. I hope it gets alot easier than this.

Signing off now, I need to do some studying and hope to come back to muslining a little later.

Hope you all had a cracking day,

K xxx

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