Sunday, 1 May 2011


Lots and lots and lots ! Wow this last week has been BUSY. Hope you have all had a cracking week.

I have been doing lots, but as usual forgot to take any pictures ! I have been planting plants in pots in our garden, my moon chair arrived, along with the not so sunny weather. Also been studying, working and relaxing !

I am now off to bake a cake, as I bought some cake tins earlier, which I am tres excited about ! I think I will try a victoria sponge. Not baked a cake for some years so I hope it turns out ok.

I have not worked on my muslin since my last post. But I am going to have another go at fitting the back later on, and if it does not work I am going to cut a smaller size. I guess it would have been good if I started by taking my measurements, but that would be too simple for me, lol.

Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday :-)

K xxx

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