Thursday, 5 May 2011

New project ! Simplicity 4127

Hola people,

I have had enough of the crepe muslin, so much so that it was affecting my sewing mojo. As such I am beating a hasty retreat, and will attempt an easier 1st time project. One that's not going to involve complicated fitting issues (I think that the shape of the back is causing me issues - I need to start on a more symmetrical bodice piece I think !) Honestly I feel mentally scarred after my crepe muslin crisis !

So, I am now going to focus my attention on the following pattern - it is Simplicity 4127. EASY (or so it says).

This looks alot more simples, non ?

I will make the main view - how hard can it be ? I am surely going to find it a breeze after all that faffing around on the crepe ? (Man I LOVE that dress, but gonna get me some more practice before I go back to it)

I even have the perfect fabric

And the perfect ribbon..

What do you think ?

(sorry the pictures are a little dark - I did try for a natural light)

I think it all looks rather nice together.

I will underline the bodice part with an old cotton sheet. Thrifty !  ;-))

I am excited again ! Yeay !!

I think its going to do the world of good trying something new. I think once I actually have made some clothes I may have more of a feel as to how I might transfer adjustments to a pattern.

I think these look good together. Could be a match made in heaven  :-)

Of course, I will make a muslin, I think I need too to be fair. Especially as I dont think there is any seam allowance on the pattern ! I will trace the pattern and make the size closest to my bust and then try a full bust adjustment if required.

I hope to finish this top and end up with an actual, wearable piece of clothing. I think all the practice I have had with the crepe muslin will stand me in good stead for this project.

Hope the week has treated you well,

K xxx

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