Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hello and welcome.

Introductions !

Hello, I am K, and this is my blog. I am a sometime seamstress. Sometimes because I have many other things to do, a full time job, full time care-taker of Mr P and Peaches, a love of reading blogs, photography, books, looking at 'how too's on you tube, and playing little big planet. I am also studying for a BSc in Natural Science and Biology with the Open University. Oh, and trying to learn like 5 different languages, and 2 guitar's (when I can find the time, lol !!)

I live in Devon with Mr P and our cat, Peaches (a Devon Rex - very fitting, and entirely by accident I assure you). I work for a charity after many years working in finance, and I love my new (ish) sewing machine.

I love to sew when I have the time. I have a dream to make my own wardrobe, made from beautiful patterns and gorgeous fabrics, although I have only just recently started to learn how to do so. In fact I have created this blog at the start of my biggest (first) adult dressmaking project, so that I can document my failures, and successes (I imagine the latter will be very few to start with), with the hope that I can make clothes that I love and that fit me well.

I used to (still do!) love reading magazines, but moving to Devon and working for a lower wage than I was used too, I could not justify the cost of buying the beautiful, expensive, glossy magazines filled with fashion and gossip ( that lasted around a week !), and so started to look for blogs as a cheap alternative.

I pretty much started finding blogs while looking for sewing tutorials on you tube. Then I just followed links and a love affair was born. I also found that I no longer needed to just ogle the clothes, I could learn from my fellow humans on blogland how to make my own ! WOW !! This is especially good as I cannot afford to fill my wardrobe with well fitting, beautiful clothes from expensive shops.

I also love make up ! ALOT ! and products! I have many ! And so I may well post a review or 2 along the way.

Oh, and shoes, I love shoes. So you may see my shoe side pop up occasionally.

I LOVE reading other peoples blogs. Reading other peoples blogs I have felt inspired, amazed, well taught, ready, happy, wistful, sisterly, envious and even sometimes sad, but these blogs have all given me something, for which I feel I should give something back.

I soon found out that blogs are NOT the cheaper alternative. I have gained riches more than I can describe from your posts. Fellow bloggers I salute you ! I have learnt so much from your blogs. And your willingness to share information on how I can improve my own skills and left me much indebted.

I feel I also would like to share times when I have been frustrated with sewing for various reasons, and share answers that I have found. For example good on-line fabric stores (quite a feat in the UK), and sewing books. Also I want to document how I adjust patterns to fit me, not the perfect 21 year old body that most patterns are made for. I also want to share excellent blogs, books and websites that I have found on my adventures.

I love travelling, photography, anything to do with the natural world. I love Mr P (alot!), my Mum, my cat, my friends,  and my (somewhat limited) family. I love to sew. I love the sea, the sun, my camper van, my longboard (I'm NOT a longboarder - YET) ! I love cold drinks, hot baths and warm beds.

This blog will be filled mainly with the random ramblings of a 30 something, because I am a sometime sewer. Sometimes I hope to be able to share things with you that you may even be interested in. And, if its not your glass of vimto, I wont be offended, I promise.   :-))

Please free free to join me on my adventure in finding 'enough time'. And please, introduce yourself if you feel so inclined.

Love, K xxx