Monday, 25 April 2011

Crepe muslining

More muslining !!

I just cut out the fabric for my muslin with my altered pattern. I didn't bother stay stitching as I wanted to try for fit. Plus I didn't want to get the sewing machine on the go when its near to midnight and so I hand basted the pieces together. To be honest, doing it this way was quicker than I thought ! The front looks pretty good, and I am pleased with my adjustments. But the back ! Oh my word the back ! Its absolutely MASSIVE !! Even with all my adjustments. Hmmmm back to the drawing board.....

So I looked in the bible (Fit for real people) and I think I will cut out a smaller pattern so that the back fits and then do a full bust adjustment (FBA) if I need too. So I am going to trace the pattern for a smaller fit, before I cut it out.  I will be adding 2 inches (maybe 3) to the tracing of the pattern before I even cut the fabric as I will need the length.  Ill see how it goes with this one. I think for tonight though I should quit while I am ahead so that I don't give up on this project through sheer frustration !

I'm guessing that this is all part and parcel of learning to make my own clothes. It will take me a while to get used to the sizing of patterns and adjustments that need making.

Ill have another go tomorrow and Ill take some pictures for you.

Off to bed now, cos right now I am sooo over this first stage of dressmaking !!

Good night all

K xxx

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