Friday, 21 October 2011

V8380 update

Hello people

Happy Friday !  We made it !  YAY !!

So - tonight I have been working on the bodice of V8380 and have sewn on the facings, and under-stitched (thanks Helen !). I have also pressed the facings HARD and with plenty of steam to make sure they stay on the inside.

I have also sewn the casings for the ribbon ties and stitched up the right side.

So far sew good.

A little bit of bad news, the armholes are just a little too big, but I plan to wear the dress with a cardigan anyway so it wont matter so much, I just need to make sure that I fix this on the pattern before I make my next version  using silk charmeuse.

It is the last sewing school tomorrow and I am hopeful that the dress will be finished by the end of the day and I can share with you the finished article. I still have to work on the empire band and the skirt to finish up, but hopefully they should be easy after the bodice, right ?       ;-)

In other news I have treated myself to booking Monday and Tuesday off work, to sew and relax after a pretty hectic month. I am also meeting up with my oldest friend who is visiting from America with her husband and her 2 year old daughter who I have never met ! I cant believe how quickly the time goes, really I cant !

I hope you all have happy weekends, full of love,


K xxx

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