Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Part Ginger, part me


So, today I had the day off work and I spent the day sewing. I made me a Ginger. 

Actually, its not a complete Ginger, as it is sans the waistband. To be fair I didn't want the hassle of the waistband after the failed attempt on my last Ginger and as such I decided to omit it. Because I can. Wow, you gotta love sewing up your own clothes where its fine to make an 'executive decision'. I used grosgrain ribbon to stabilise and shape the waist instead, and I must say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Gonna share some pictures of the construction. I am so pleased  with this skirt, its fits and is not too big, the length is perfect and I totally love the inside as much as the outside. 

Gotta love the finish of the serger !

Using grosgrain ribbon instead of a waistband

Super neat - inside and out

Pinning the ribbon in place

Pretty inside

Feeling pretty happy with this

I used the serger and played around with the tension until I got it perfect and I am so pleased with the end result. It was fun to use too !

Mr P took a couple of snaps of me in it - unfortunately we didnt get around to snapping the V8380. Another time maybe  :-)

I know - awful snap right ?
In other news, yesterday I met up with family over from the States and we went train-spotting. In the rain. But this is no ordinary train. Its a steamer from the West Somerset Railway. We took their children along as the trains are like those on 'Thomas the Tank Engine'...  They were very excited ! (so were the children !)

Choo Choo !!

Old school
Check out the happy face of the station master..... He was so happy - even in the rain !

So, back to work for me tomorrow. I am working in the Court and will wear my new Ginger. It almost makes me feel excited about going to work - the excitement of wearing a new skirt !

Now to think of what to make next   :-)  I think I may try the Sencha - I have a muslin cut out already - just need to sew it all together.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far,

K xxx


  1. Cute! You can never go wrong with polka dots...

  2. Thanks ! I am really pleased with this skirt :-) Looking forward to my next make and to seeing what is on everyone else's sewing table :-)