Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hello people

I hope you have all had a cracking weekend ? I have spent the main of it sewing !

Look what I am working on.....

Hopefully using these ...

Ship Ahoy !!
I made a muslin with no alterations first. Having never made a top before I didn't want to only rely on tissue fitting.

Muslin made with no alterations.

Loving the tailor tacks !

 I realised I needed an extra 2 inches in length and that I wanted a more open neck area, so I just went ahead and reflected that on the pattern tissue.

Tonight I have got so far as to make it up and sew on the facings.

Tomorrow I will under-stitch the facings and then attempt the buttons. Wish me luck, I think I may well be needing it, by the bucket-load ! Not really sure how well buttons and me are going to get along. If it goes well, I am going to attempt the Colette Beignet, with its many buttons next;  if it goes badly, the Colette Peony will be next. Ha !

(Sorry - I am not meaning to canvass any particular pattern company, I just love these patterns and find them not just pretty but also easy for my level (ie a total beginner); and they have excellent instruction guides, so there   :-p    )

I have dressed Dolly in the (almost) finished Sencha, and she looks pretty good in it  :-)  I am liking the choice of fabric for this one, unlike the fabric disaster choice on my recent V8308 (which you can read about here if you like). I am still on the fence about that one, and am still thinking it may be recycled into a more wearable skirt. I am sure its OK to have disasters as a home seamstress - because otherwise why would someone have invented a seam ripper ?!

The only thing is that I have made the keyhole neck a little too open now - and it looks a tiny bit odd. However,I don't mind enough to not want to wear it. I am going to make another version once this one is finished and next time I think I will try the version with neck tucks. I am going to be brave and just cut it without making a new muslin. All I will do is add 2 inches to the length and fit it as I sew.

I am finding it really useful to just baste all seams, pleats etc and then fit whatever I am making as I go along. I found that it really made a difference with my second Ginger. The shape of it looks so much better.

In other news, my November copy of Burda Style arrived on Friday, and friends, I am on the whole disappointed, but I fancy this is only because the patterns in the October issue were so awesome ! Has anyone made up any of the October patterns yet ? I would love to see some !

Well, I am off to get some Vimto, thirsty work this writing lark !

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

K xxx

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