Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sewing school no.3

Hello !

Here are some pictures of my efforts so far. I am making this...

I dislike any pics of me, but had to take a couple to show you what it looks like on. Please do not view whilst eating !! I may put you off your roast, lol

Actually, I just had a roast and therefore now was probably not the best time to take a picture of myself.

But - here you are. I just sat and tacked extra on the side seams (I adjusted the pattern too large !), and the casing for the ribbon. I will be using the ribbon shown in the photos, I fancied a contrast rather than making the ties from the same fabric.

Here are the adjusted bodice pieces (the skirt, ahhhhhh thats another post !)

I have actually added too much on the sides, but the tutor showed me a neat trick for grading around the arm and neck. I was all for adding the same amount all the way around, but she said I should add an amount on each section to measure the same for smaller sizes.

I am having trouble explaining, so you can see what I mean here...

I measured the distance between each size line and added that amount to the pattern. See, I can explain better with a picture   :-))

This is the bodice pinned together - you can see my tailors tacks !  Very exciting ! Also the gathers I made.  I well love this fabric, it is a cotton poplin from Heathcotes in Tiverton. The ribbon is a deep chocolate brown, also from Heathcotes.

Then I tacked it together and added the ribbon....

And here it is on !!

Ta Da !!!!

(sorry about my bra poking out !)

I am excited about this - I am super pleased with how it looks already and I cant wait to finish my exams and get cracking with this dress. I cant wait to see it all  made up !!  I am already planning a second version, in silk charmeuse, I think that would look gorgeous !

Well, I had better get on with some more revision !

I hope you are all having a cracking Sunday.


K xxx


  1. Ooh, Kirsty, this is looking really good so far - the bodice fit looks excellent and your fabric is very, very pretty! Hope your revision is going well xx

  2. Thanks Eugenia !! I must say I am super pleased with it so far. I cant wait to have the time to work on it and get it finished. I am revising, but not sure how well its going, lol. I guess Ill find out a week Monday. xx

  3. Hi Eugenia, I been trying to find a a way to contact you as your blog is suffering with the malware jobby which means we cant view it as you have a link to the blog called 'making the seam'. I can tell you how to fix this as it happened to me too. I removed 'making the seam' from my blogroll, and then I went into the design - then dashboard, clicked on 'making the seam' and clicked 'manage' then 'settings', and then I stopped following. I see the lady who was running 'making the seam' has a new blog now, its address is
    I hope you can fix it as I am missing reading your blog !! :-))) K xx