Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fixing the blog Malware virus

Hello people

I just thought I would write a quick post as there seems to be blog flu going round right about now.

There is a malware jobby showing up on peoples blogs - and is meaning we cant view some blogs which contain a link to infected blogs. 

This may be because you have a link to the blog called 'making the seam'. I can tell you how to fix this as it happened to me too. I did the following and my blog seems fine now (and has done for days)

I removed 'making the seam' from my blogroll, and then I went into the design - then dashboard, clicked on 'making the seam' and clicked 'manage' then 'settings', and then I stopped following.  :-((

I see the lady who was running 'making the seam' has a new blog now, its address is http://sewherewegoagain.blogspot.com/     Yeay !!!

If a different blog address is causing problems on your blog, I imagine the process is the same. 

Hopefully this helps. This malware is meaning that there are quite a few blogs out there which I am unable to read at present, so hopefully this will help and I can finally catch up !!

Good luck people, its sometimes a harsh world out there !!

K xxx

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