Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hello friends

So, I FINALLY finished my exams yesterday, which means I have until Feb 2012 to make stuff. Yippeee ! In excitement I have booked Monday and Tuesday from work and hope to be sewing up a storm over the weekend. I have the last sewing school on Saturday, so I hope to show you more progress from V8380. I purchased some silk charmeuse in blue and white to make another version, once the current one is completed.

I cant tell you how pleasing it feels to have some time when I dont have to study. Anyone thinking of doing an OU degree, they are great, but make sure you choose a subject you love, otherwise its a real struggle. I am finally nearing the end of mine and man, I CAN NOT WAIT for it to be done !

In other news, I have been a-purchasing, (well I have too on my one woman mission to save the global economy) and I have recently made these lovely purchases.

There will be more to follow as I bought some stuff from Sunni over at a http://www.afashionablestitch.com/, and also purchased some Colette patterns that were out of stock on her site. I am excited about them all arriving and all the free time I have available now to make stuff, yeay !

Err - lets take a moment please to make sure Mr P is not looking before we continue, as I think he thinks I have enough fabrics already.

So - here are some of the new patterns (I bought them on a vogue sale day so really not expensive).

I also got these silk/cotton blends....  they will make lovely tops, I am thinking of the Colette Jasmine for the brown and the Sencha for the mixed.

Not sure what to do with the next ones - (all cotton). But I just had to have them.

Hopefully I have bought enough meterage to choose either a skirt or a top (once I can decide !)

Friends, please tell me that I am not the only person in the world with a hideous fabric addiction. Mr P wouldn't mind, but its not as if I have actually made anything yet (except for a a mess of muslins and 1 token Ginger !)

Oops - maybe I need to check into fabric rehab

K xxx

****UPDATE**** looking back through this post it looks like someone, AKA me, is going to have a wardrobe rather full of orphans. Oh dear.

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