Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sewing school no.2

Hello friends !

I hope you have all had a good week ? I was at sewing school again today, and was actually very excited to  learn some new skills.

I have learnt how to adjust the bodice and widen the empire band and lengthen the skirt. I have also learnt how to make tailors tacks. I thought they would be very time consuming, but found that for me anyway, they are quicker and easier to handle than chalk lines.

After last Saturday I was worried this project would be not so great due to sizing issues and lack of confidence. Also the fact that I was cutting and sticking all day did nothing to ease my worries.

But !!  Phew, it was not in vain. there a few people at my stage so I didnt feel so bad. I actually cut into fabric today, learnt how to do gathers, and tacked together the bodice part of the dress. And it actually looks pretty good. I am very happy !!!

I WILL take pictures to show tomorrow - I promise ! Its dark now, and the light is no good to show the colour of the fabric.Ill show the bodice at this stage so you can see how I am getting on. I still have loads to do, but feel confident as have made great shakes today. Now yet started on the skirt, facings etc. Guess ill need to make new facings as made so many changes to the bodice. Hopefully that is not a hard job as I would like to get started once my exams finish (week Monday !!!  ARGGGHHHH !! )  I think I just need to trace a couple of inches around the armhole, but I am sure it wont be as easy as that    ;-))

Well, best get cracking on this evenings tasks !!

K xxx

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