Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sewing school

Hello people

I went to sewing school today ! Very exciting.

I didnt feel quite so excited at 7 am this morning, but once I got there it was perfect.

I am making Vogue 8380 - white view, (I LOVE all the versions I have seen sewn up of this style)


.......... and I spent THE WHOLE DAY altering it. The whole day !!! Can you believe it ? One lady in the group has totally finished her garment ! I started cutting paper at around 11 am and did not stop til 3.30 pm. I will take some pictures to show you the alterations tomorrow. I am making it as a maxi dress, and I will be quite excited to see the end result.

I totally cant wait to see my classmates makes too - I will ask them if I can take some pictures next week, didn't want to scare them all by getting the old camera out on the first day.

I am not making a muslin !!!  This feels frightening but the tutor has lulled me into a false sense of security by tissue fitting. If I didn't have exams in 2 weeks that I need to study for, I would make one up tomorrow. It feels quite liberating though not making one.  I feel like a naughty kid ! I have made more muslins than anything else since I started to look into making my own clothes so its nice to miss that step for a change.

Going to see how this tissue fitting malarky works before I knock the muslins on the head though. I quite like the safety of the 'practice run'.

Sorry no pics for you today, but I will share my alterations with you tomorrow. I used pretty much a whole sheet of burda pattern paper making the adjustments. And I didnt have time to trace the pattern, so I had to cut the original, which I didn't like at all. I love that pattern so much I will buy it again, to trace if I want to make shorter versions.

Hope you are all having a cracking weekend.

K xxx


  1. Your sewing school experience sounds like it's going really well. I think that the time you are spending getting the pattern altered is going to be time very well spent. I love the style that you have picked out - it's very pretty and making it as a maxi is a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to seeing your progress .... !

  2. Thanks !! :-) I shall post some pics later of all my adjustments. I had quite alot to do ! I am hopeful that it will look nice when its made up, and I will defo share some pictures of the finished article. I am almost done with a second Ginger as well. Only 2 more weeks until I can begin sewing in earnest. Tres excited ! x