Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finished V 8380

Dear friends,

Happy Sunday ! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

I have finished the V 8380 after working on it yesterday from like 10 am til 1 am.

I will share some pictures with you. Sorry there are none 'on me'. I don't have a good mirror that I can use to help with photos, nor a Tripod. I should get both !

Facings and casings !!

Finished article !
The inside

                                    Very pleased with the inside and especially the waistband.

You know what ? I learnt ALOT making this dress (under stitching, catch stitching, pressing with a tailors ham, seam finishing to name a few), and I really enjoyed the construction of it. And I am totally totally stoked with how it came out. I was particularly worried about the empire band, but it is lovely and neat.

I learnt with this dress, (and the Ginger that I made back in August) that I have body issues ! I have made everything so large that I am having to make lots of changes to make the clothing smaller to fit me. Note to self - use actual measurements to make the clothes ! I have another Ginger on the go at the minute in Polka Dot fabric, I will maybe finish that up tonight as I am on a roll. I am going to make sure that I dont make the fit too large on it !

And I learnt that I actually DONT LIKE V8380 in this cotton poplin fabric on me..... I look like I am wearing a burlap potato sack. I love the shape but I feel the fabric is too stiff and does not flow. I am still considering whether to make the dress in silk as I think the flow of the material would suit this dress and its gathers better. That is a decision I am going to think about because silk is expensive and if I don't like the final dress I will have wasted cash.

This dress is going to be recycled and will be reborn into Butterick B4461, as there is plenty of fabric and ribbon to use from the V8380; B4461 with its ribbon trim seems almost serendipitous.

Friends I am not sad, I LOVED making the 8380, and it taught me alot. But I don't like the fabric as a dress, I would have struggled to get any cardigans (a staple for me) to match, and I don't want to look like I am wearing a sack.

What do you think ? Have you had any garments you made where once you put them on, you thought 'NO' ? Have you had any fabric disasters ? I would love to hear about them - if you felt you wanted to share.

Well, thats all from me today,

Have a wicked day

K xxx


  1. Wow! Amazing details on this dress! I love projects where I learn a lot. And I can't wait to see Butterick B4461 with this material!

  2. Thanks Debi ! :-)) I am totally stoked with this dress and how it ended up, even if I am going to rip it apart and make something else. I think a skirt is more suited to this fabric for sure, and you live and learn with sewing right ? I learned that I actually like hand sewing ! Can you believe ? I learnt so much making this dress, I would not swap the experience for the world, however unhappy I am with the result on my body.
    I am hoping for as good a finish on my next garment, hopefully I will post some pics later and see if I can get Mr p to take some pictures of me in it ! Thanks for reading xx

  3. Firstly I should say, are you quite sure that you can't make the dress work - if it is just that the fabric is too stiff you could try washing it several times and putting a lot of fabric conditioner in - that might soften it enough to get a better drape? I say this because the dress looks so lovely in the picture. Having said that, if it isn't working you should move on and make something else with the fabric - it would be lovely for a skirt. In any case, as you say, you have learnt loads in the process of making the dress and this will stand you in good stead for the future.

  4. Hi Eugenia :-) I did think that re the softener, maybe its worth a shot before I de-construct the dress. It is a lovely shape, shame the fabric has no drape. The pattern did say poplin as a suggestion, but I did wonder when I bought the fabric if it would match the pattern as the pattern seemed altogether much more flowy. I learned soo much making this dress that it was totally not a waste of time and I am really happy with the skills I have picked up from this one project. And also totally pleased with the end result - it is such a thrill to see a garment come together before your very eyes ! Magical ! Cant wait to see what you ladies make next. xx

  5. you done so well... maybe if you show us on you we can give you suggestions

  6. Hi, thanks !! :-) I will see if I can get Mr P to take a snap tomorrow of me in it. You can then see the potato sack of a dress for yourself, he hee. Any suggestions would be very well received. I am a relative newbie to all of this, and I LOVE hearing suggestions and comments from others, especially from those that love sewing ! xx

  7. Awwww, bummer you don't like the way it looks on you, but glad you are happy with it anyway. Such a positive attitude you have!

  8. Thanks ! I may try it on again and see if I still feel the same about it. But even if I do I feel happy with it, the skills I learned, and what the dress could become ! Its exciting ! :-)) xx