Sunday, 16 October 2011

Almost done !

Hello people

I hope you have all had great weekends  :-)

My long awaited exams are tomorrow, so I have not been doing anything much these past few weeks except revision. I'm taking level 3 Oceanography with the Open University, and once I finish tomorrow I only have 2 more years left ! Yippeeee !!

But tomorrow, come 5.30 UK time, I WILL BE FREE (until February at least - woop woop !)

I have already got a few sewing projects in mind, and I will share these with you once I have some semblance of a LIFE again.

Friends, I cant tell you how excited I am at the thought of having 'free time', time to do what I want, rather than what I need to do.

So, now to relax (ummm or not), and get ready for tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me   :-)


K xxx

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