Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello people,

Almost made it to the weekend ! Yipppeee !  :-))

Tonight I have been working on making new facing patterns, as the original bodice has been altered so much the originals no longer fit.

Just checking if anyone has any tips for creating new facing patters, not sure I have done mine correctly ? Basically I used tracing patter to trace the armholes on the amended pattern, with a width of about 2 inches all the way through the width of the tracing. Does that sound right to you ?

Also the pattern talks about under-stitching the facings and illustrates this with a picture that means absolutely nothing to me (like AT ALL).

Any comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated  -  if you felt you wanted to share.   :-)

***UPDATE  Delightful Gertie (and her new blog for better sewing) has provided info for making facings on her blog - you can read about it right here.***

The reason I am not waiting until (the final) sewing school to ask the tutor re these questions is because I am supposed to have made a good old attempt at finishing the bodice before class. So far things don't look good on that score, and I only have until Saturday morning to get it shipshape.

Oh well, wish me luck ! I do have a seam ripper after-all, may as well get used to using it, ha !

K xxx


  1. Understitching is sewing the facing to the seam allowance close to the seam after pressing the seam, kind of like edgestitching but not including the exterior fabric. It is to stop the facing from rolling out. Hope that helps!

  2. WOW Helen - you absolute beauty. Thank you so much for this. I am trying to picture it in my mind, and I think I have got it ! :-) This is going to make tonight's bodice work much easier. Thanks again, really appreciated, x

  3. Any time :) I just saw there is a youtube video on how to understitch (google "understitch") - I haven't watched it, so can't vouch for it, but might be worth a watch for some extra tips if you're unsure. Hope the construction goes smoothly!

  4. Hey thanks alot. I just checked out youtube and saw an example. I think I was just worried about sewing through the seam allowance, but I am now going to attempt it :-) Thanks again !! x