Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hello lovely people,

I worked on my muslin for the crepe last night. It was a nightmare. I cant talk about it right now, I'm over it. (until Saturday anyway !)
So, I decided to show you something pretty instead.

This was the first (and so far only) item of clothing that I ever made. I made it from a 'printed on fabric' pattern from clothkits. Really very good for your first ever attempt at making a dress. Check them out here...

I made the dress for my best friends daughter. I didn't have a child to measure, nor any idea of how big a 3 year old is in terms of sizing, as such its a little big on her. But she looks a doll ! I must say that a child's dress is certainly much easier to make than the crepe dress I am making now ! No alterations and mainly straight  sewing ! Here are some pictures of the finished article.

 This was the finished dress, not perfect, but I was pretty pleased for it to be my first proper 'make'.  :-))

The button holes I did by sewing machine. I think I can also sew the buttons on with my machine, but I am not really sure how ? The holes were not spaced perfectly. I had marked them out, but I should have done a few more practice runs first !

Oh how I love the lining !! Its a liberty fabric and goes perfectly with the dress, I thought. I love the way the lining looks in the dress, and around the seams. Makes it look so neat !

The buttons, hand sewn. My first ever attempt, but quite happy with them.

Only half lined, and again, not a perfect job, in either stitching or matching up the lengths of the lining. Oh well, lessons learned for next time. (and I still love it, even with all of its flaws !)

Overall I was very happy with this dress, and sad to see it go ! To be perfectly honest, if it would have fitted me I would have kept it ! How selfish ! I hung it on a coat hanger in Mr P's and my bedroom so I could look at it, and feel it, and look at it, for DAYS. Eventually I had to give her up, and presented her to a very happy little girl. :-) A gift made with love. Who doesn't want one of those ?

Well, that's me for today. I will get some photos up at the weekend. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to alter a pattern for a baggy back, (massively baggy around the shoulder blades !) I would love to hear them !!

Good night all, sleep sweet.


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