Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter !!


WOW ! Another glorious day - I feel spoilt by the weather of late, its going to be hard when the usual bad weather returns.  :-(

My brother has a country retreat (caravan!) near Bude, Cornwall, and as he was there this weekend with his family, I went to visit both yesterday and today as Mr P and I only live up the road, and Mr P has had to work all weekend. It is mad how fast time flies by as we worked out its over a year since we last saw each other. Terrible, eh, especially as we don't live so far from one another.

It was nice to catch up with them all, and I cant believe how much my young nephews have grown ! I think the weather is having the same effect on their growth as it is having on my garden !  :-))

I took a picture of their mobile home, and mine, for comparison.


Oh how I love camping ! Although more 'glamping' I'd say with theirs !

Mr P and me ordered the mini orchard today and so we can hopefully look forward to enjoying some of these,
and these,

My word, I will feel very lucky indeed if my trees produce any fruits at all, let alone the bountiful crop that has been promised !

I don't think my trees are going to come for a few weeks, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for speedy delivery as I cant wait to get planting and enjoying the fruits of my labours ! (terrible pun, but couldn't resist !). We also ordered a hanging basket cherry tomato, which I am very excited about. Dont tell Mr P, but I made an additional order of a couple of gardenia's. I couldn't resist ! And he will also benefit from the beautiful fragrance they give, non ? Making them a worthy purchase of anyone's money !

So, as I have been busy in the sun this last couple of days, I fully intend to make muslin number 2 tonight from my adjusted pattern tracing. I will post some pics later (but I dont think they came out that well cos of all the adjustments.).

Still very much looking forward to the arrival of my moon chair. Hopefully just in time for a spot of camping for this coming up 4 day bank holiday !

Well, Mr P and I are off for a walk. I hope all of you are enjoying your Easter holidays !!

K xxx

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