Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Book club

Hola beautiful people !

And its yet ANOTHER super gorgeous sunny day here in Devon. Its such a shock as it usually just chucks down here (didn't you ever wonder why Devon was so green and lush ?)

So, I am going to share a  booky wook with you all. Its my bible. I read great things about it, and then thought I need to get me a copy of that.

So I did, on Amazon, second hand for like a fiver. Best fiver I ever spent.

Here is a link - just in case you needed it !

Link to amazon UK.

I pretty much devoured the book in one sitting.

The book is called "Fit for real people".

So, the clothes are not to my own taste, but the technical know how ! WOW !  I must say I can't big this book up enough ! Readers (none as yet I know, but still) if you were ever thinking about getting this book. DO IT. You wont regret a thing, I promise !!

Ciao ciao

k xxx

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