Friday, 22 April 2011

4 day weekend !


4 day weekend eh ? What a treat !! I hope you are all able to enjoy at least some of it !

This last week I have struggled to write a post especially as I feel almost guilty posting without the visual impact of pictures to go alongside ! I feel that in order to capture imagination and keep interest, a page of narrative should be broken up somewhat. Its not that I didn't try to take any pictures, in fact I have had my little camera in my bag all week. I just have not felt inspired. Its been an odd week to be fair, with both highs and lows.

Mr P and I went for a surf last Sunday, which was lovely. And I got an excellent result in my Open University assignment (very proud!)  But I was also told about an old friend who died. And I felt lonely in terms of living so far away from friends and family, I think the sunshine always makes me miss them all more !

The weather has been lush (its not so nice today though - boo !), and Mr P and I did a spot of gardening, and I have planted a herb tub (the herbs were bought in a supermarket and are pretty wilted, but I hope with love and care they will revive). I have visions of being able to grow my own veg in pots, but I am not sure that Mr P is quite with me on that one yet! I can only really plant in pots as we don't really have anywhere to plant in the ground, and I have always been a fan of pots, ever since my first 'own' garden, which was a balcony absolutely rammer jammer with delights !

I rather fancy one of these mini orchards - I will purchase when I get paid !

I can see myself making plum jam, eating crisp apples, making poached pears, and trying to keep the birds away from my cherry tree !

I would love to be able to eat food I have grown and tended myself, no air miles so good for the environment, its also much cheaper than buying at the shops.

I treated myself to a moon chair for the garden, but it has yet to arrive.

 I can already envisage myself sat in it on sunny afternoons.

photo source
Well, the sun finally appears to be making an appearance and as such I will retire to the garden (sans moon chair for now). Happy days.

K xxx

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