Monday, 11 April 2011

New Project - Colette Crepe dress


So here are some pictures (I hope) of my efforts so far. I was inspired to make this dress by taking part (albeit rather late) in Gerties sew along. You can  join in too by following this link:

I have taken a few pix so that I can share mine with you....

This is the fabric I will make it from, its grey polka dot batik, I am looking for a contrasting fabric for the ties.... I am thinking either mustard yellow (to go with some well nice shoes, but wont go with much else) or really bright pink. Any suggestions ?

And this is the pattern that I am using. It is from an American company called Collette Patterns. Its a cute dress that wraps around the back. You can get yours here:

You can double click on any of the photos to make them bigger. Just in case you need to see any details.

I am making version 2, which has a sweetheart neckline and a contrasting sash.

Here is a picture of my first muslin, which I made direct from the pattern supplied.

I wrote directly onto the fabric, very satisfying ! It is important to label both the pattern pieces and and muslins, to remember which pattern pieces the muslin relates too.

I read that you should make changes to the length first. So that is what I did. I traced the original pattern. and then cut across the front and back pieces, and added 2 inches in length. Next time I need to do that, rather than mess about with measuring, I am going to use this pattern paper to make the adjustments. Mucho more simples !

Already measured lines, brilliant eh ?

After that excitement I redrew the dart lines and grain lines. Then I cut out fabric for the second muslin. I will need to change darts and shoulder seams, but I have not got round to that yet. I will use the traced pattern that I made to make the changes I need, keeping the original pattern intact.

Here is a picture of the made up second muslin, the only change so far being the length. Then I hand basted the pieces together, ready for further fitting (which I have not yet done !).

Well, that's as far as I got. I am hoping to have made the changes and a new muslin by the weekend.

Thirsty work !  So I am off to get me some vimto, and then head up the wooden stairs to bedfordshire.

k xxx

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