Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hello friends,

As promised I can FINALLY show you some pics of my recent addition to the Frankenstein skirt collection. I think this may be version 4 ?! WOWSERS !!

I forewarn you that this post is picture heavy as I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt !

I don't think I could feel any more smug !
This was the curtain fabric I purchased with skirts on my mind; when Mr P saw it he wanted it for blinds ! But I could not be swayed ! I had a vision in my mind and this is my favourite make so far.

Working it !!
It is amazing what a difference clothes can make to a picture
I guess its cos this skirt makes me feel good
It actually makes me better friends with the camera !
The fabric really reminds me of the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', it's such fun !

I have not added any vents or slits to these skirts so far, but that all changes in the next skirt I made, which I will share with you later. I used Sunni's tutorial to add a back vent and it worked like a dream. More on that another time.

I only had a remnant of this apple fabric, and as you can see there are large apples on the fabric. Friends I did not wish to look like Eve with an apply lady garden and neither did I want 2 big apples, one planted smack bang in the middle of each butt cheek !

This was an exercise in careful pattern placement with limited fabric, and an exercise which I feel was successful !  Yay !

No big red backside
I cant tell you how pleased I am with this skirt, and it fits a dream.
Each time I have Frankensteined the pattern a little more, and now I have it exactly as I like it !

Channelling my inner Clint Eastwood
I even like it sans cardigan ! And boy is that is saying something for me !!

but slightly more chilly !
As usual I underlined the skirt, and prettied up the inside...

Unfortunately I did not wash the trim before application
it slightly shrank in the wash
Lesson learned
And I used my favourite hand picked insertion of the zipper.

This looks more obvious in the photo than in real life.

So, as you can probably tell I am overjoyed with my new skirt !

I cant tell you how many people have asked where I got this skirt from ! Ha ! Take that mass production !

In other news Mr P's brother and his wife just had a babba and we are off to visit tomorrow ! Yay ! I cant wait to meet her.

Happy Saturday people,


K xxx


  1. i love love love that skirt too. i looks totally awesome on you sista!!!! and what a fantabulous job you've done on it, so so so neat. are you sure you're studying fishes and stuff and not been secretly becoming the next top fashion designer!!!!!

    1. hey thanks lady :-) Praise indeed, especially as I got to see first hand one of your quilts (Imogen's). Just beautiful, really really amazing XX Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the year ! xx

  2. I LOVE it! Great job working out the pattern placement and your finishes are so lovely. Love the green shoes too :-)

  3. This is the most amazing skirt EVER! I want one just like it! Silly Mr. P, wanting the fabric for blinds - I hope he's learned his lesson! And your shoes are fab, as usual!

  4. Awesome work! Your zipper is fantastic. Saw your project on Sew Country Chick!

  5. Looks fab. Loving the material. I also saw your project on Sew Country Chick.

  6. The fabric is great! Love the entire outfit with red cardigan and green shoes!

  7. Beautiful! Love the colors and the large graphic print.

  8. What a great skirt! You have styled it really cleverly too. The zip and the inside are just perfect.

  9. I gasped when I scrolled down and saw it-perfection!! Right down to the cute lace! That fabric is fabulous, and great job with the pattern placing on the bum :)

  10. Gorgeous!

    Just gave you a Liebster over on my blog :)

    1. :-) Thanks Chris ! An award eh ? what a blast ! xx

  11. Your skirt is adorable, and what terrific pattern placment and matching!
    The outfit is so cute, I love the green shoes.

  12. it is a wonderful skirt, well done!

  13. Your skirt is GAW-JUSS! I can see why you love it so much! The print is absolutely adorable, and you did a perfect job with pattern placement.

  14. Hey lovely people ! Thank you so so so much for your beautiful comments, you made me feel very special indeed ! :-) Thanks again ! xx

  15. This skirt is positively divine! I LOVE it paired with the cardigan and those oh so amazing shoes - its such a fantastic piece - I can see why you love it so very much!

  16. EEK!!! This is AMAZING! I love love love this skirt! It's super cute-- I love it with and without the cardigan! Hooray for the perfect skirt pattern!

  17. Girl this is stunning and the little detail is to die for. great job !

  18. I adore this skirt!!! So so sweet. And the green shoes are rockin'!!! Great job.

  19. Hey thanks people ! You are all too kind. I gotta be careful tho as with all these fabulous comments girlfriend is finding it a little difficult to get her head through the door !
    Honestly all you beautiful lot leave me beaming with pride ! Thank you all for taking the time to stop on my patch of the interweb and leaving me a lovely comment. Really very appreciated ! MWAH ! XXX

  20. Oh wow this skirt is amazing - I lobe the fabric.

  21. * that's meant to be 'love' by the way, not lobe! lol

    1. Hey thanks Helen ! I totally still love this skirt, its my favourite ever !! xx