Friday, 22 June 2012

I think the sun has gone on his jollies

Hello there from a very wet, cold and windy England !

I feel I need a month in the sun, this weather that we are having is so depressing, and it’s done nothing for either my mojo OR the produce growing in my garden   :-(

I didn't manage to get round to the 3 skirts, I just made one ! I needed to change the pattern a little, and wanted to check it was all ok before cutting fabrics. Just in case. You know how it is.

I used up the green polka dot fabric and am really happy with the result, but you can definitely see me coming when I am wearing it, it’s pretty darn LOUD.

So you are probably wondering where the photos are. I can’t tell you how bleak this last week has been weather wise and as such no photos have been snapped. But I will take some snaps tomorrow, I promise.

Next up I would like to try a Sorbetto (late to the party I know) and the Sewaholic Cambie Dress. How much do I love that dress by the way ! the only problem is that I don’t fit the pattern right out the envelope (such a drag !) and I am not really sure how to change it so it fits me. Oh well I guess I will have to try and have a go as I cant bear to be without that dress for much longer. I have even purchased 2 lengths of floral’s in order to create.

In other news studying has been hectic, but I am rewarded with my last 2 assignment scores both being 88% ! I know, right ?

I also was lucky enough to get an iPad from Mr P as an early birthday present, and I have become TOTALLY ADDICTED to the games 'Camelot' and 'Drawsome'. My word those 2 little apps can suck up time like no ones business.

So, I hope for some time to sew tonight, maybe the sorbetto. But not sure if I want to try sans pleat first, I guess I will see how I feel later. I have a lovely sheer Swiss dot fabric, white with yellow spots that I want to use.

And thanks again people for keeping me thoroughly infused with sewing goodness when I seem to barely have enough time to sleep, let alone sew !

Happy Friday people, I hope you all have magical weekends !

K xxx


  1. So sorry about your crummy weather! We're having plenty of sunshine over here-- searing, scorching sunshine! Before you cut out your Sorbetto fabric, hold the pattern up in front of you to check the length. Luckily I made a muslin before I made mine because it was about 2" shorter than I'm comfortable with and seemed to run short on many people who made it (unless you're looking for a crop top LOL).

    Also-- happy birthday!!!!!

  2. You tease! I can't wait to see the spotty skirt. I just bought the Cambie dress pattern too - I've been seeing so many amazing versions of it online!

    1. Oops! And happy birthday too!

  3. Hey there, thanks for the birthday wishes ladies but its not until August! The iPad was a super early gift. But thanks for the good wishes anyway :-) Gail, that Cambie haunts my sleep, but I think I will need to make lots of changes to it and do some grading, its putting me off ! I so wish I was the size of the patterns without having to make changes. Ginger, I am extremely jealous of your good weather, ours literally sucks right now. Its hectic rain again today ! Thanks for the warning re the sorbetto, I could see straight away that it was blatantly gonna be too short ! I dont think I have the body, or weather ! for crop tops ! lol :-)