Friday, 20 July 2012

Embroidery machines (and other stuff)

Hello folks,

A quick post again from work as none of my clients have turned up thus far. This is the 3rd no show this morning, which is not great seeing as its takes me over an hour to get to this place from where I live.

I imagine its because looking out of the window there is what appears to be a patch of blue sky, and a glimpse of that golden orb, known commonly, I believe, as the sun.

I cant say I blame them !   :-)

I know it seems like a joke, but I jest you not, that pesky polar jet stream shifting has bathed us in p1ssing rain for the last 3 months. As an aside - being a student of the science of climate, the moving of the said jet stream is enough to give this student nightmares. Ho hum, thats a tale for another time.

So onto the title of the post - I have been looking into getting an embroidery machine as I totally love the additions you can make to clothes, both self crafted and shop bought. I do also fancy a spot of hand embroidery as I am one of those handfulls of people that actually enjoy hand sewing. I know to many its a dirty word, but there is nothing better than putting the old feet up in front of the goggle box and sewing away. What I really want is a machine to embroider darling designs on clothes while I am busy sewing on my usual sewing machine. Now thats what I call time saving, and as we all know I am all about the saving of time at this point in my hectic life.  ;-)

Does anyone have any experience of embroidery machines ? If so please share as the whole process is a minefield. I am going to treat myself to it for my birthday. I think there is nothing better than treating yourself on your own birthday, you can have whatever you fancy, and its the treat day to top any other treat day in a year !

I have been looking this morning at reviews etc, and so far Janome seem to be in the lead. I was looking at a Singer model, but then I read someones blog and the comments were extremely thorough but were not very complimentary. Thank god for blogs eh ?

In other news I did a spot of fabric shopping while working in Tivvy on Wednesday and purchased some jersey, a twin ballpoint needle and some regular ballpoint needles. I also downloaded the free kimono t shirt pattern a la scruffy badger and I hope to have a bash at it over the weekend, maybe tomorrow.

Its so weird cos I was absolutely desperate for a similar t shirt pattern, and was looking to purchase one if I could find one (which I couldn't), then up pops the badger in a free one you can download the pattern here no less, paired with my favourite skirt (simplicity 2451 which is also on my (ever expanding) list to make). She was wearing my ideal outfit ! I was super jealous ! You can see it here. Man I love that badger !

So, the sun is shining, and if I work hard on my studies tonight I hope to sew tomorrow, and if the sun continues to make an appearance (which I doubt) then I will set up in the garden for a days sewing. Thus hitting up 2 of my favourite things at the same time.

BTW thanks guys for your awesome comments, I cant tell you how delighted I feel about the support you guys give. So, massive thanks for that  :-)

OK, well I live in hope that at least one of my clients turns up today. there are only 2 more chances lol !

I hope that whatever you are doing today, you get a chance to do something that makes you happy.

Bye for now

K xxx


  1. Gosh, sorry about the no-shows!

    I wish I had advice to offer about the embroidery machine, but I don't have any experience with that. Looking forward to hearing about yours!

    Scruffy Badger's kimono tees are so, so cute! Can't wait to see yours!

    1. Ha ! I cant say I blame them :-) I know ehere I would rather be. Scruffy badgers T's are so so sweet, and I am officially blaming her for the what seems like a million meters of jersey fabric purchases, lol. I will be sure to share, if I manage to get one made up heheheh xxx

  2. Embroidery is fun, isn't it? I haven't done any myself for ages but I did really enjoy it once upon a time. You are making me want to do some more. My Mother-in-law has an embroidery machine (sorry, not sure of the make) but it seems to be forever on the blink because the hoop keeps breaking.
    Scruffy badger is a very inspiring seamster, I agree; she always looks so cute!