Friday, 28 September 2012

The end is nigh

Dont worry folks, I am not tolling the bell for impending doom !!   :-)

This super busy lady finishes her course on Monday !!  Ya   (fekkin) hoooo !! I just have a few hectic days to go and then I am freeeeeee ! (Til January at least).

I feel bad that I have neglected my blog, I have missed it, and you, but I hope that you understand why :-) It would be so so cool if I could get a 2.1 on my science degree !

I will have some posts for you next week, including my last make (which I have worn to faded lol, but it still counts right ?), a post on the newest addition to our family (nope ! not a baby lol, an embroidery machine - love love love) and plans for a hectic few months of sewing.

I also HAVE to discuss this months Burda style. Hideous ! Dated ! Un-wearable !

I know I have not been commenting on your blogs so much, but I have been lurking ! And I am looking forward to resuming my 'business as usual' relationship with you all.

I am also thinking of joining Lladybirds trouser sew along, and have even purchased the pattern. Join the fun here. Damn that lady looks fine in her denims, if only I had that back view lol !

I am also hoping to make a coat ! Tres exciting ! The Anise from Collette patterns. man I inhaled that PDF companion in one sitting and I feel excited to start. And can you believe that they are also hosting a sew along ? Check it out !

Yes there will probably be a few more frankenstein skirts along the way, but its time this sometime seamstress busted out of the comfort zone ;-)

I'll probably end up looking like Worzel Gummage (google him lol) in my new strides and coat, but you know what I am ITCHING thats right ITCHING to sit back at my machines !!!

Well, my friends, until next week !

(I'm excited ! Can you tell I AM EXCITED !!)

MWAH !!!


  1. Go, Kirsty! So glad you made it through, and even more glad we'll have some fun stuff from you to read in the next couple weeks!

    1. Hey Gail :-)) I know I have not commented on your blog for a while, I must do so ! You have made some lovely pieces of late and I love the cambie ! Also LOVE the dresses that you falsly advertised as lumpy and bumpy, damn lady you have a fiiiiiiine figure ! I will be posting up some posts sooon, once I can talk properly again :-) Thanks for sticking with me xxxx

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you'll be done soon! You've been working so hard! There are so many fun new patterns and sewalongs right now-- a perfect time for you to jump back into sewing!

    1. Hey Ginger :-)) Lovely to hear from you too ! Again, thanks for sticking with me during this haitus from my blog. I see you went and got yourself picked for MOOD, well done you and its super well deserved ! I am looking forward to seeing what is made with your monthly fabric allowance, well jell !! LOVING the tie dye action as well, loved your mason jar effect lol :-) I am looking forward to reinsttaed involvement with the sewing community I have missed so much, and am thanksful that you ladies have not been so lax with your blogs, otherwise I would have nothing to inspire me :0) Thanks again Ginger xxxx