Monday, 11 June 2012

A trip back home

I do miss home sometimes (Bournemouth), as much as I love living with Mr P here in North Devon.

I had last week off work, I did have lots of studying to do, but I did sneak in a trip back home and it was nice to catch up with my mum, my aunts and my friends. Especially my best friends !

Me and my besties did a little kayaking, which was great. Even with the friend who was driving losing her car keys so we were stranded in wetsuits etc for most of the day with no access to clothes, water, money etc. The guy that ran the kayaking was great, lending us his phone and some cash so we could get some drinks.

Even with all that, I had a wonderful day in a back to basics bonding with your besties way.

This post is quite picture heavy - just so you know !! And thanks Mr P for lending me your splash proof camera !

The gang

Who NEVER grew up

Sports mad !

Look out, Miss G is about !

Just taking a rest
Work harder boy !!!

Say cheese !

What a beautiful place to live !
Obligatory action foot shot !
Thems my feets !

I dont think he read the sign !

The hire place
Who was amazing and lent us phones and money

Muddiford quay
Lovely non ?

Pretty darn beautiful

Well, that concludes the kayak trip. I swear after my arms started burning 10 minutes in, I did think 'I cant do this', but was still going strong after 3 hours. LOVED IT.


K xxx


  1. What a great day! I LOVE kayaking-- it's just the right balance of fun and exercise!

    1. I know ! My stomach muscles were aching the following day and its really hard to find an exercise that covers the stomach ! And as you rightly point out, its fun ! SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN !!! I wish you lived here then we could go together ! :-)) xx

  2. That looks like so much fun!

    1. It totally was, I was not sure I was going to love it that much but it was so awesome that I am on the lookout for a kayak of my own now. Quelle Excitmon ! xx