Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I got the blues

Hello !

So, I snapped some pics of my latest make, let me introduce the 'I got the blues' skirt ! (BTW I don't have the blues, but I could not think of another natty title containing the word 'blue'     :-)

Drumroll please, its Frankenstein skirt version 5 ! (I REALLY  need to start sewing something different, but I wear these skirts pretty much every day).

Oh Dear
Another  'smug'   look
I cant help it !
I LOVE this skirt

I have inadvertently 'stash busted' in the making of this skirt, using a dark indigo denim with a bit of 'give' in it. I bought the fabric when I first started to sew clothing and bought FAR TOO MUCH. Like 5 meters or something else equally ridiculous. I have made this skirt, and a dress with it, and sill have enough to make the same again.

Thank god I learned how much fabric I actually need for a project, otherwise this sewing marlarky would have bankrupted me !

This skirt is much more tapered at the side seams than previous versions to give more of a classic pencil shape (with NO room to walk), and as such I had to add a vent. I used Sunni's excellent tutorial to add a vent to my un-vented pattern piece and I must say that I am super pleased with the result, but I think next time I may make a longer vent. I am such a hussy.

This vent helps
when I am trying to climb up
into the cab of my campervan

I did not line this denim in any way as it didn't need it. I also didn't pretty up the hem. This was a fast and dirty make. I even machine sewed in the zip.

I used a fabulous method, I basically used sellotape to mark out totally straight lines the same width apart from the zipper. Using these as a guide I top-stitched the zip on.

I did catch stitch the hem, but this type of hand sewing never feels a chore to me.

In other news I have not progressed with my pyjamas as I hate the fabric so ! I may look at them again in the next couple of days, but I am considering starting over and using cotton. In fact I am just sat here thinking brushed cotton now, rather than silk !

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far.

I ask myself if I should be making another Frankenstein skirt - now where is that Babooshka fabric ?


K xxx


  1. Yes, Babushka, Babushka!!

    Another nice skirt from you! Of course, we don't really expect anything else! ;-)

    1. Ha ! I know ! I totally have to make a non skirt for my next project, that's for sure. :-) Watch this space (maybe after Babooshka! )
      I am enjoying having a rowdy collection of new skirts though ! xx

  2. Just found your blog, it's great! My favourite skirt is the apples one. Wish I was that bold! This is lovely too :)

    1. Welcome and thanks for stopping by ! :-) I LOVE that apples skirt I cant tell you how happy it makes me to wear it. You could totally rock something similar (if you do be sure to share !). I live in relatively rural Devon and I am sure that people refer to me as 'that crazy skirt lady'. Ha ! xx

  3. You're too cute with your "smug" face :) This looks like a great staple item for your wardrobe. Hussy, hahaha.

    1. :-) Girlfriend got herself a camera face ! I just have to make sure I am as happy with all my makes, as my camera likes a smug face ! hell I LIKE a smug face ! Defo gonna hussy up my next version ! xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Alana :-) I worked hard on the fit of this skirt and am super pleased with the fit. Its also very comfy to wear. Double score :-) xx

  5. Perfect! I say if you find something that works for you so perfectly, you should stick with it!

    1. ha- too true ! I just feel a bit of a fraud churning out similar skirts all the time when you ladies have wardrobes jam packed with diversity and put me to shame ! :-) BTW I wore the scarf you sent me the other day with the brown skirt and a red cardigan, I was well pleased with it so thanks again ! xx

  6. It works for you so keep up the good work! One can never have enough well fitting pencil skirts!

    1. Too true ! Plus, if you use totally different fabrics, every version manages to look different from the last ! I AM going to try and sew up something different this weekend though ( a dress ! YAY !). Thanks for hosting the Sew and Tell Justine as I really love Saturday mornings now visiting there to check out what other people are up too ! xx