Friday, 8 June 2012

Fabric choices for yet more Frankenstein skirts !

Ha ! Thats right !

Back again   :-)

I need quick projects to give me an injection of sewing love. I have had 00000000 time as I eluded to earlier but am rewarding myself with quality postings and sewing time as I have worked NON STOP on my latest assignment for the last 2 days and it is almost complete.

So I am stopping further work on it until Monday and am going to reward myself with sewing up a storm, as such I need an easy project that does not take lots of time to finish.

I thought it will be probably just as quick to cut and sew 3 skirts as it would 1, and that's my plan for the weekend.

I am going to use these fabrics:

Big crazy birds

Circles in blue and green

Green and while polka dots
As these are all shades of blue and green they should already go with my current selection of clothing with is ace. No orphans from a surprisingly lairy lot of fabric.

The first 2 fabrics I have had for around 2 years, and the third was a recent addition. That, my friends, is stashbustin ! 1 in for every 2 out ! Thems my kind of stats.

Wish me luck !

K xxx


  1. I love them all! You always choose the best fabrics!

  2. Ooh, fun! I particularly like the birds!

  3. Nice work on the stash busting! I love the birds in particular.

  4. Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely ti-ime.... Good to see you back, and really love the birds. What is the 6 muslin dress you aee working on?

  5. Thanks folks ! I really appreciate your lovely comments ! Its great to be back, albeit still somewhat intermittently at this point ! I didn't get all three skirts finished, in fact I only made one, using the green polka dot fabric. Ill try snap a couple of pics at the weekend. Gaylene the 6 muslin dress is New Look 6968. I just wish I had a standard body to fit it on, Gah ! Its been put to one side for now, but I full intend to give it some more attention when I can find the time. XX