Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Back from Bournemouth

Hello friends,

I had a lovely time back at home, I meant to take pictures of beautiful Bournemouth but just didnt have the time !

I am very excited as Heathcotes in Tiverton have a sale this week, 20% off all Fabrics (shhhhh dont tell everyone !) and I am off there after work tomorrow.

Its my birthday next week, and I have been collecting pressies left, right and centre, and I will share these with you next week.

In other news, I cant believe the wanton thievery and destruction that is happening in London right now. That's my town and I am absolutely disgusted and horrified at the behaviour of a group of people who feel it is acceptable to behave in this awful manner. These people are an absolute disgrace and I am ashamed to call myself a human being when we have people like this representing us.

They are not fighting a cause, rather they are enjoying causing chaos and destruction. I wonder what goes through these peoples minds, I absolutely cant fathom it. If you want to make life better don't destroy your own community FFS !! Look around you and think 'what can I do to make things better'. Honestly !

Rant over, I trust you are all safe and well.  Please people, if you are out and about, be careful. Some people really do have jelly for brains, and are dangerous to normal folk like you and me, going about our business.

Fingers crossed for peace tonight.

Big love  xxxx

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