Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday afternoon trip to Padstow (and ice creams at Widemouth)

Hello people,

I hope you are enjoying this bank holiday weekend, I know I am !    :-)

Mr P and I decided to take a trip to Padstow (Cornwall) this afternoon, its only 60 miles away, so we thought we could go there for the afternoon. We are so lucky to live where we do, so many beautiful places within easy reach. We are properly spoilt by it really, and have decided to take a few more afternoon trips when we are lucky enough to have a day off together.

I must forwarn you that this post is going to be picture heavy !

                                                                Save the date !

                                    Just heading into Padstow

Such a pretty place ! Look at these pretty buildings....

Mr P enjoying the views.......  Dreaming xxx

(In  my view - old guys rule by the way)

Well, who wouldn't dream with views like these....

Of course being a harbour there are boats a'plenty !

Ship ahoy !!

You can even take a ride if you like....

Colourful buckets

Chatting friends

And of course Mr Rick Steins Fish and Chips.....

Unfortunately no pictures of the fish or chips. They were inhaled pretty much straight away ! I can assure you though that they were DELICIOUS !

Not sure after all the fish and chips that this taxi will work for me...

But I liked the sentiment.

We decided to head back after all that excitement...

Check out the views on the drive home....

We stopped at



This was our vista as we enjoyed them.

And then we headed for home.

One more quick flash !

Wowsers we are lucky !!

In other news, I have traced the Colette 'Sencha' and cut out a muslin. I am yet to sew it up, but I will share some pictures of this with you in my next post. I have the feeling its going to be too small, so I am pretty positive that I will have to start again with this one.

I hope you are all having a cracking Sunday.

K xxx


  1. Your part of the world is very beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful day out - your photographs are lovely. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday!

  2. Yes it is pretty lovely around here. Very lucky !! :-) Thank you - I hope you enjoy the rest of yours too ! I may have a go at your zipper tutorial a little later xx