Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunny Monday

Hello people !

I am enjoying a Monday off work ! Very nice  :-)   The weather is super sunny and I have been sat out in the garden studying.

I will be wearing my Ginger again tomorrow and I hope to be able to take some better pictures of it to show you. I also want to show you how neat the inside is thanks to the serger !

I have decided to work on the Sencha for my next project, and I am going to use the red and white star fabric and the red buttons. I am also going to use red ribbon for the ties instead of the fabric. Just going to trace the pattern so that I can start work on the muslin. Very exciting !

Just to check, I should measure my high bust, right ? to work out what size to cut ?

K xxx


  1. I think that your Ginger skirt looks lovely - the fabric you have used is very pretty - well done! I hope that you are enjoying your day off.

  2. Thanks Eugenia ! Not a patch on your sewing as yet, but its a start, right ;-)

    I am very pleased with how she turned out, I love the fabric, but it was quite hard to work with (its a furnishing fabric!). But one of the joys for me is getting to choose the exact fabrics I love !

    And I had a lovely day off thank you, after a rather busy weekend.

    Cant wait to see your next project ! x