Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hump day !

So friends,

I am sat here....

With one of these....

Now that's what I call happy  :-))

I was working in Tiverton today, and as such I just had to call into Heathcotes, I tell you that place is going to be the ruin of me !

I managed to sneak these home today  :-)

I love these sailboats.  You know, the nautical theme is all the rage these days.

I LOVE the buttons, they look so nice with this sailboat fabric. I am going to make a sencha using these I think. I think these buttons will look great on the back of the sencha.

I also bought this !

To make a Ginger. Which will be piped with this

I love love love looking around fabric stores, just wish I could come away empty handed for a change. But I am so looking forward to a hand-crafted wardrobe, which will be started in earnest come October.

In other news, I have Gardenias ! They are beginning to flower and I cant tell you how beautiful their scent is. I wish I could share with you, but for now you will have to make do with this

I hope you are all making the most of this glorious sunshine ! Only 2 more sleeps til I go to the homeland, tres excited !!

K xxx


  1. Love the new fabric! Looking forward to seeing your Ginger skirt!

  2. Loving the sailboats ! Those buttons look cute with that fabric.